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Everyone knows at least some Disney princesses. The ones that are on the merchandise that can be found at just about any store are Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), Ariel, Jasmine, or the newest addition, Tiana (Princess and the Frog).

Then on occasion you might see pieces of Disney Princess merchandise that have Mulan on them, who is not a princess. There is a difference between a Disney princess and a female Disney charachter. The most commonly mistakened non-princesses are Esmerelda, Alice, and Tinkerbell. Just about any girl made by that company can be mistakened. Also, just to clear up another common misunderstanding, Anastasia and Thumbelina are Don Bluth princesses, not Disney.

So, in order of year oldest to most modern (but still retro), here are the Disney princesses that always tend to be overlooked or forgotten.

Also, every princess either marries into royalty or is born into it. I'll specify which one these charahters fall into.

Princess Tiger Lily from Peter Pan (1953)
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(Born a Princess)
Even though she's an Indian (not sure what country native she is) she's still considered a princess in her society. The fact that she's the cheif's daughter is why the characters call her a princess and she can also be a damsel in distress in some parts. She's not a major charachter in the movie but in the stageplay that came first she's much more of one. It's also arguable that she's an ethnic stereotype but she's still a princess, one that could be characterized better.

Princess Eilonwy from the Black Couldron (1985)
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(Born a Princess)
The Black Couldron is a generally easily forgotten movie in itself. It makes sense that the charahters, let alone the princess would be forgotten by many. Elionwy is a princess who is not afraid to fight the forces of evil. So, maybe if this film wasn't a box office dissappointment Eilonwy wouldn't be forgotten. Also, this is considered one of the darkest if not, the darkest Disney film ever made and it was the first ever to get a PG rating.

Ariel's Sisters from the Little Mermaid (1989)
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(Born Princesses)
I know this story is all about Ariel. It's better that it only has one main charahter. Still, at least giving them names would have given more background to Ariel's story. Learning their opinions of Ariel becoming a human and living with Prince Eric would be interesting. That dosen't need to be done with too much charahter development. The fact that they hardly exist almost makes them pointless in the movie. Also, keep in mind that their dad is King Triton so Ariel was a princess before she married Eric and that means they all were too.

Nala from the Lion King (1994)
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(Married a Prince)
The only reason why Nala would end up on this list is because even though Lion king is such a memorable, amazing movie people forget that she's a princess. Granted, she's not a human but she still married Simba who is a prince. More recognition for Nala would be great!

Pocahontas (1995)
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(Born a Princess)
This movie was a box office success, but a dissappointment with reviews. Under the same rules of logic as Tiger Lilly, she is a princess. Only, she's the main charahter and significantly less racist than Tiger Lilly. Either way, she's a strong female role model and it's a shame that the movie didn't have stronger points besides the music and the princess.

As I wrap this up here are some honorable mentions.

Megara from Hercules (1997)
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She wasn't a princess in the movie but in the original Greek Myth she is a princess of Thebes.

Kida from Atlantis (2001)
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(born a princess)
She's a princess from an easily forgotten movie but she's not retro.

So, let me know if I forgot anyone! I hope you liked it.