The Ten Sickest I Have Ever Seen!

Movies are designed to be full sensorial experiences. Through the power of cinema, we are allowed the capabilities to feel the gamut of human emotion, and undergo the trials and tribulations of existence without the aftereffect of suffering, sorrow, and physical pain.

When we watch romantic movies, we feel a material form of love. When we watch action movies, we feel a material form of exhilaration. When we watch comedy movies, we feel a material form of humor. The list, ultimately, goes on and on.

So, if we go to movies to feel all of the pleasurable aspects of being (at least in proxy form, anyway), then would it not also make sense that we would use the same form of media to wallow in our least desirable of experiences?

I think very few of us would ever want to be a soldier waltzing around Omaha Beach, or get chased around the South by redneck cannibals. That being said, we certainly enjoy watching movies like Saving Private Ryan and The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, so could it be that we are using cinema as a way to safely experience these most horrid of empiricisms?

We love to be horrified. We love to be shocked. We love to watch movies and feel disgusted, depressed and depraved. Is our fascination with such disturbing fare an indication of moral decadence, or are we simply experiencing the atrocities of real life in a safe, prepackaged form of de facto consumption?

Ultimately, these disturbing movies are, in essence, artistic metaphors for the countless real life horrors that permeate our ways of life. As depraved and sickening as these simulated pictures are, they are not one fraction of one iota as disturbing as humanity is in reality.

Horror films are, surreptitiously, reflections of our sociological worries, and if that is indeed the case, then the extreme horror film is the reflection of our most extreme of societal fears.

The ten movies I have listed in this article are most certainly extreme motion pictures about extreme social apprehensions. I think it goes without saying that this article is NOT for the weak of heart, and although I have done as much as I could to PG-ize the article. . . Yeah, this thing is not PG in any regard.

A couple of additional words of warning before this countdown begins:

1. I decided to disqualify documentary films from contention, since no matter how disgusting and unsettling movies can be, there is no way in hell they can ever match the absolute depravity of what real life things man has done to one another. Simply put, if I were to make a list of the 1,000 most truly disturbing films of all time, I assure you that all 1,000 spots would be reserved for documentary pictures.

2. For the love of all that is holy, no adult films, either! I am sure there is at least three of you that will read this article and leave angry comments about how I left off some Japanese octopus snuff fetish picture from 1987 from the countdown. That, I assure you, is very much for a reason.

3. Some of these movies are fairly recent, so if you are one of those ardent retro defenders (or as the rest of society calls you, virgins), tough noogies.

4. Finally, did I say that this article is NOT FOR THE WEAK OF HEART AND TOTALLY NOT PG BY ANY MEANS? Well, uh, it is, so keep that in mind.

Think you are well adjusted? Well, by the time this article comes to finality. . . You won t be. Prepare to get traumatized, folks!

You simply KNOW that a movie is extreme when its banned in Germany. In fact, Nekromantik 2 was the first film released in Deutschland since the fall of the Nazi regime that was ordered to be seized by government officials.

Why the hubbub, you may ask? Well, Nekromantik 2 is a German film about a woman that does not stop loving her ex boyfriend, even after his death. . . And yes, that does mean EXACTLY what you think it means.

Right off the bat, the fact that this movie is a film about a woman that REALLY loves the dead is enough to get your skin crawling, and in case you are wondering, oh yeah, they SHOW IT. However, what makes the film truly disturbing is the fact that it is played as such a humorless, sincere motion picture. Believe it or not, this film actually does try to tell a quasi romantic story, and serves as something of a psychosocial metaphor for female sexuality. Is Nekromantik 2 a super gross horror film about one of culture s most taboo subjects, or is it a phantasmagoric social fantasy, or god help us, the most messed up romantic drama ever put on camera? The reality is, this film is all of the above, and a surprisingly well pieced movie that really nails you in the gut with just about everything it attempts.

This movie also gets bonus points for having what is one of the most ghoulishly awesome endings in movie history. You think Ape Lincoln or Jack-is-actually-Tyler-Durden are kick ass finales? Not after seeing this one, you won t. That, and I think the leading actress is pretty damn hot, even when she s riding the kosher pony of a dude that looks a dehydrated eel.

A lot of people will watch this film and just feel freaked out beyond words, and that s for good reason. That said, it s also a legitimately well done film, and a movie that has impact beyond the visual of the main character making out with a corpse in her bathtub. This is not a movie for all tastes, obviously, but for those of you that are adventurous, it s not a bad way to spend an afternoon.

Oh, and don t bother with the first Nekromantik. It pretty much the exact same thing as its sequel, only executed WAY less effectively.