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March 21, 2007
You know, I must say. It's been a few months since I was fortunate to be shown this site by a good friend. I've been coming back and forth to it ever since and I must say, there aren't too many articles I haven't read since I started coming hear regularly. The funny thing is, I read all these articles and I completely agree! Everyone has it pretty much dead on, especially when they say that children these days are screwed for good cartoons. It's so true. I feel sorry for kids these days. I remember waking up, and I don't think ANYONE will question me on this, on Saturday mornings and with a huge bowl of cereal and a remote control, starting my day to some kick ass cartoons. Back then the lineup was always great, however, as time progressed it seemed that cartoons began to get worse and worse. I loved cartoons so much back then, I'd get up at 6AM to watch this one strange anime about some bears with wings which was in French (I don't speak French). (If anyone knows about that cartoon specifically, I'd appreciate it). The good old days when being a kid wasn't such a terrible thing, when everything, every sad moment, every terrible event could be completely forgotten when I picked up that nes/snes controller or the remote control and the original TMNT was on. I watch the TMNT they have on now and it's so horrible.

I wonder about the new movie coming out. I'd hate to say it, but after looking at all of the stuff they pump out now, to be perfectly honest, I have no hope for it. Cartoons are steadily getting worse. It all started with my nephews. It never kicked in quite so much until then. I was about 17/18 at the time, and they were around 10 and 11 and they were watching just the worst cartoons available. I mean most of this stuff was completely retarded. The characters were poorly drawn, the story line was very childish. It had no character too it. Children nowadays are so deprived of good things, it's so sad. Television has gone so down hill, it's gotten to the point where I only watch about 2 hours a week of TV, where as if you had told me I'd one day end up doing that when I was a kid, well, first you'd have to pry me away from the tv to do it, and then I wouldn't believe it and go back to watching it. I have two television sets in my apartment and steadily they grow dustier. However, games were always there. I am sure most can agree that they're VERY sick and tired of hearing these ignorant people spamming us with all this crap that "media, especially video games causes violent behavior" and we all have looked at them, thought they were a complete idiot and then thought, gee, I play a lot of GTA but I never pulled some guy out of his car and then ran down a hooker or two with it! It seems to have taken a small break as of recently, but it's always been there through the ages, there's always been something I suppose, but since this is what people relate to these days, it hits especially hard. If it wasn't for video games I don't know where I'd be. I grew up in a rural area and even in school only had a handful of friends, but it was games like Final Fantasy 1 and 2 and Crystalis that had me reading and thinking. Games like that where the story would grab me (no matter how poor the graphics were, even now I play the games on Jnes and thoroughly enjoy them) and I'd spend hours and hours playing them and being entertained, and I believe I have strong reading and writing skills because of all this.

Well, everyone's had their turn and now I have mine on a rant. Graphics never mattered. They evolve with time, that is the way of technology, always moving forward. Cartoons may be forever lost (The simpsons haven't been good in many years, although Family guy is a pretty good cartoon). however, games we still have and games we can still enjoy. Even in my 22nd year, I am proud to say I am a gamer and that is what I'll always be. I am proud to say my hands if relaxed are permanently formed to hold a nes/snes/playstation controller. However they don't make games like they used to. There are so few good titles coming out these days. Companies tend to be more and more involved with graphics then they are story and that's a shame, because platformers are very few nowadays, and those were the games that one would want more bulk. Well, I am sure I've bitched and complained enough for now, but before I go, I'll say this...I want my legos back and I want my old TMNT action figures. Those were the days that make me think, my childhood wasn't all that bad after all. -Terry
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