Cartoons and their remakes

3 remakes of some cartoons from the 80s
March 17, 2006
Remakes they are things many people fear, I know I do. In the past few years we have seen a lot of remakes such as last years King Kong. But remakes aren't new they started years ago in the film world, even though there weren't a lot of remakes then as we are seeing now. But remakes on TV are another story. There are a lot of cartoons out there that I don’t want to see remade and then there some that I would. Now sometimes I wonder how you could make something that was great better. Such as TMNT or He-man, maybe even transformers. Now i'm going to get to the point and i'm going to talk about the CARTOONS.

He-man and the masters of the universe
A cartoon from the 80's that lasted 2 seasons, 1 movie, and a toy line. A show that I was too young to see but I did see its 2000 remake. Now the remake was great. It had fantastic animation and wasn't as silly as the other shows you see at the time and we also got a sort of origin for Skeletor. It didn't really hurt the old show but added to it. The story for the show was really getting good with hordak going to appear in the next season. Sadly due to bad ratings cartoonnetworks fault for airing the same episode all the time, and changing the time the show aired. Also the toy companies fault for packing 10 versions of he-man and Skeletor and not other people from the show like we really wanted. It was a good show that shouldn't have ended so soon. But that’s not the end of He-man sense a new movie is rumored to happen. .
Also another cartoon from the 80s that lasted 10 seasons, 3 movies, and also a toy line. This show was based on the comic of the same name but didn't really go with the same path as the comic. The comic was dark and violent while the show was light and funny. But that didn't really hurt the show as you can clearly see. The show was later remade in 2001.It has brought new fans and old and unlike the old show is much darker. There is violence and darker stories they even use there weapons more in this show such as when they behead the shredder. This show also stays closer to the comic while also using there making their own storys.So far it has lasted four seasons and is already getting to its 100th episode. The showed as stayed strong and will hopefully lasting as long or longer than the old show. Hopefully next season with the fast forward story which is supposed to make the show more kid friendly will not hurt it. But there is always that lost season which will sooner or later come to DVD.
Yet another show from the 80s that lasted along time and a very long toy line. The new show doesn't have as many characters as the old show or the great animation or the voice acting. The new show is trying to hit that new anime craze with kids which in a way hurts the show. The show has caused the toy line to change now making the toys much larger, like the old toy line before the one that was based on the old show..

Those are just 3 shows that had a fan following that were remade but there are many more. Now what shows will we see in the future rumors say a new transformers show based on the G1 version will happen? Also rumors for a new biker mice from mars. What does the future have for us will it b more remakes of shows we once loved maybe will they be good bad? I guess we just have to wait and see.
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