Indeed there can be only one...movie that is!
September 14, 2009

Every once in a while a movie comes out that you love every part of. This is a movie you connect with, causes you to think, and when it is over you continue to ponder everything that happened. Such a movie exists for me and it is a movie that unfortunately has been plagued by horrible sequels. Because of its surprising popularity sequels ensued but technically speaking none should have ever been made, but alas they were because they did not care to follow the story-line. So for the purposes of this article we will talk about, for me, the only true film with this name.

From the awe-inspiring landscape of Scotland to the vast amount of history it covers with the same character in each time period, it is with great pleasure that I submit to you, good reader, the greatness of the film HIGHLANDER. The film stars Christopher Lampbert as Conner MaCleod from the clan MaCleod, and Queen did the entire soundtrack from start to finish.

And if you can believe this Sean Connery was actually in the movie as well, not just in passing as a cameo but rather as a supporting character that finds young Connor and helps prepare him for the destiny that awaits him.

The beginning of the movie begins at Madison Square Garden where Connor is sitting in the midst of thousands of screaming wrestling fans, but somehow he is easy to pick out as he seems very alone as the camera zooms in to him. The film then does what happens quite a bit throughout the movie, which is transitioning to a time in the past where he reflects about a moment that happened to him. We are whisked to Scotland several hundred years before and this is when we learn that this dude is really old! The beginnings of this great immortal begin to be explained and at this point already I am hooked.

Throughout the film Connor searches for the prize, this is what all the immortals do in fact. No one knows why they are pulled to one place when only a few are left but they do and find themselves in New York. The only way a highlander can die is if their head is separated from the neck, other than that you do not ever stop breathing...like ever. When two immortals do battle the victor receives all of the other immortal's knowledge and power through what is called “The Quickening”. It is really quite cool to watch as a massive lightening storm goes off performing the transfer of the fallen's attributes. Car horns go off, windows blow out, being lifted off the ground is normal, it is quite the experience. The last immortal receives the prize, and the competition at this point is quite fierce. I'll explain the prize later.

For me the strong points of the movie are the flashbacks we see and how he does so much good. We learn that the enemy named Kurgan is after him and all the training given from Ramirez is meant for the final showdown.

This showdown is epic and whoever wins attains the prize. The prize is knowledge of all, knowing thoughts, and finally being able to have kids and die. Sounds like a good deal right?

You walk away from this movie thinking how excellent it would be to be able to be immortal. How many things could I collect? How many people would I be able to meet? What really happened during the Revolutionary War, Civil War etc. The humor in the movie and the magnificent collection room of all he had acquired over the years really gets the mind going. When he is able to walk and breath underwater or get shot in a duel over and over when he should die, these are some of the classic and great moments I love about it.

Highlander the show was on for several years stemming from the success of this movie. Duncan MaCleod was the cousin of Connor and the pilot shows Connor sparring with Duncan in a training session. Adrian Paul was the actor and did a fabulous job with the character and made the show great. Unfortunately the torch was passed to him, my guess is for obvious money making reasons, but to me there is only Connor MaCleod of the clan MaCleod and he is here to take heads.

Perhaps a quality reboot is in order? Watching the movie every year it looks more dated each time I hit play. The only problem is that Christopher Lampbert has such a unique look and presence about him that the actor chosen for this role would have to be very unique. It can be done, and in an era where it seems the thing to do is reboot, some real potential exists and could be very cool.

From the great cast to Queen, the original will always be the best; so remember that IT IS BETTER TO BURN OUT THAN TO FADE AWAY! and that THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE! Truly that is the case here.
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