Galaxy High: What's not to like?

Only 13 episodes long, Galaxy high was probably one of my fondest memories growing up. Who could forget Doyle and Amy as they jumped from one zany adv
March 01, 2006
Okay, I admit it. I was the nerd of the group when I was growing up. I liked the Mighty Orbots more than I liked Transformers (eventhough I do love it), owned gobots, and thought the Silverhawks were way cooler than Thundercats. Is it so hard to believe I like Galaxy High?

First of all you have the jock, Doyle, who can do no wrong, is loved by everyone, and is failing every class. I hated people like that. On the flip side you had Amy. Smart, cute in that nerdy way (that's how I likes my women) and as popular as a turnip. Naturally, these two complete opposites get chosen to go off and become Galaxy High's first human students. Once there, they switch rolls. Doyle has a tough time fitting in, rubbing up against guys like Beef Bonk, the bully, while Amy becomes the sweetheart of the school, even getting herself stalked by the 'creep', the show's version of Scrappy Doo.

From the get go I knew this was going to be a great show. The very first episode has all sorts of zany adventures (you know that word had to make itself on here sooner or later)

And now to introduce some of the gang. You have Booey bubblehead (played by the voice of Bart Simpson!) Flat Freddy (also Bart) Milo Devenus (many armed nerd) Gilda Gossip (all the lips on that woman I would never leave home) Beef Bonk (the outer space chicken that puts Disco Duck to shame) and the creep (the little floating yellow guy). Eggbert (the egg shaped guy) was one of Bonk's cronies. His shtick was slapping people on the head with an egg.
I have all 13 episodes transferred from vhs to dvd. Talk about low quality but hey, it's the only way I can enjoy them now.

It kills me to think that this show isn't out on dvd. What does it take to get that done? Protesting?

Anywho, long live GIJOE, Heathlciff, SilverHawks, Gummi Bears, DuckTales, The original spiderman, and all the other awesome cartoons. Oh, my girl insists on putting rainbow brite on here. I never watched it!!!! I swear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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