Best Cartoons Ever!

Here is a list of my favorite cartoons of all time!
December 05, 2006
We all grew up watching cartoons. I was born in 1973, but my favorite cartoons are from the 90's. That's not to say I didn't like the cartoons of the 70's, most of which were done in the 60's, but the 80's and 90's had great animation and writing.

First off, let's showcase The jetsons. I mean who wouldn't like a family of the futre? Sure it was a rip off of the Flintstones, but that wa a rip off of the honeymooner's. The flintstones were great as well. You always could expect to see Fred put his foot in it and Barney along for the ride.

On to Fat Albert. When you're 10 years old or younger (don't ask me how old I was cause I don't know) Fat Albert was great. I mean, imagine living in a junk yard! Wow! That was cool, until reason and growing up got in the way of your judgement.

Next up is my all time favorite. Scooby Doo. I know they weren't made in the 70's but I remember them then (since i wasn't around in the 60's) My fav. of course are the originals, but the others were great too!!! I loved the ones where it was only scooby, shaggy, and velma running around. Later they added Scrappy to this mix. They also had others like the all star scooby hour. Check out some pics!!

Then there was Dynomutt. To me the blue falcon/dynomutt hour was ok. I still watched them all.

Now, what about the cartoons they showed all the time no matter what? Looney Tunes of course

And how about Fangface? It was ok but only lasted like 2 seasons.

Then there was Challenge of the superfriends! The stories were GREAT. The action was awesome. And the best part? you got to see all the different super heroes!!!

Alvin and the chipmunks was excellent! I loved the adventures. the movie was great too!

What about Mighty Mouse? Heckle and Jeckle? I watched them because really there wasn't much on.

And Schmoo? I loved that guy. These were great comebacks for the flintstones.

One of my personal favs........Richie Rich!!! Ah memories (i said this twice now)

Now to one of my all time favorites. Heathcliff. I loved the intro. I loved the adventures, I loved the cattilac cats! Long live Heathcliff!

I'll be jumping around but will try to keep most of these in order. Up next is Popeye. Sure there were those from the 30's and 40's, but Popeye from the 80's was my favorite. There was a popeye hour and also a detective show where Olive and Popeye would travel the world solving crimes! Ah, memories (I'll say this alot)

Next up is the CBS cartoon show on saturday mornings. I wish I had a pic of this. I have the soundtrack. The stories were great and always taught a lesson.

To throw you all off, here is something that will make you vomit.

This stupid bowling show would come on after the cartoons were over. You knew when use saw the intro that was over for cartoon watching. You had to put away the plate you had waffles on, comb your hair, get dressed, and play outside. {vomits}

I'm going to skip some shows like BlackStar, Kwicky Koala, Shazam, Fonz, Tarzan, Godzilla, and space stars, because I want to make room for:

Spiderman and Friends!
My favorite was Spiderman from 1967 (ahh the stories) but these were great as well!!!!

How about Pacman?? I loved this show probably because the video games were so addictive!

I don't care who knows it. I love the SMURFS. I loved the adventures, I loved Azriel, I loved Handy. I loved Papa. Smurfette whined too much.

Shirtales? the incredible hulk and spiderman show? gilligan's planet? thundarr? All decent but not for this article.

Kidd Video!! That was a great show! what a great intro. Had some good plots at times.

Who will argue that Dungeons and Dragons wasn't one of the BEST cartoons of all times? Can you believe I'm still waiting for the dvd set???? Hello?

And what about mr. t? monchichis? the littles? not mentionable.

Now THE MIGHTY ORBOTS??? THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT. I remember my dad and mom took me to a mcdonald's one time (back then it was fairly decent) for breakfast. It was like somewhere in downtown miami or something and we lived in miami beach. To me, this was like going cross country. It was super early in the morning and we walked in to eat breakfast. It was cold outside (unusual for miami) and the food smelled good. I looked up and my eyes couldn't believe it. A TV in a mcdonald's! It was around 1984, and to me it was unheard of. I asked my dad to ask the lady why it wasn't on. She handed my dad the remote, and voila! the mighty orbots came on. I almost died of infatuation with the show. Futuristic, cool, and loud. i was in heaven.

Droids? I like them too as well as Ewoks.

What about muppet babies? the adventures were the greatest!!!!!!!

Dragon's Lair? Pink Panther? Hulk Hogan's rocking wrestling? Snorks? I love those too. Just no room here.

A great cartoon of the time was Real Ghostbusters. The stories were realistic, scary, and the art was great. There was a cheap spinoff called ghostbusters with a chimp in it. it was decent.

[pip ghost111]

Pee wee's playhouse? care bears? bordering on blah..

Now Galaxy High?? That was great show! It just came out on dvd. rent them today!! Also Snorks, Gummi Bears, 13 ghosts of Scooby Doo, Flintstone Kids (fav) and punky brewster! What a hottie when she got older.

CBS Storybreak? Excellent show!!!!! Just thought I'd mention that one twice. Fraggle Rock? it was ok. Alf cartoons? Now that was a cartoon! Those were great!!!

Just in case you are feeling too cozy, here it is again.

Captain N the game master. Woot. Karate Kid, Camp Candy, Alf tales, Beetlejuice, and my all time favorite, a pup named scooby doo! Woot.

If I brought back some memories that were good, then good. I ended at about 1990 and started about 1979. I still watch most of these when I can. I am realizing as I get older, that I don't want my job to control my future. I want to spend more time doing the things I love, and watching cartoons is one of them. I either win the lottery, or I will find something to do that will give me lots of free time. This is a warning to all you workaholics out there like I used to be, life is too short!
Next issue, the best 80's shows ever (non animation)
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