Star Wars toys Part I

Toys made by Kenner to make you say oooh aaah
December 05, 2006
Who can say for sure if the original Star Wars characters and vehicles are better than those today? And what do I mean by better? Better made? Better paint?

The Kenner action figures of the late 70's and early 80's are by far better then those of today. The originals had more character, and they were based on the better movies. Am I making waves? Good. Then read on....

A classic playset was from the Empire Strikes Back. It included the unmanned probe, a cannon turret, and a hoth soldier. I also have here for your viewing pleasure Princess Leia and Han Solo, dressed with their winter attire. What a classic!

Another classic was the ATST walker. Who didn't want one of these when they were a kid? I remember going to the Omni mall in miami, JC Penney at the time sold toys, and wanted one of these so bad I could taste it. It wa a pain to play with, and to walk you had to press on a button in the back. Tell me what toy has this type of detail today?

What collection can be complete without a tie fighter? Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find a tie fighter on ebay to replace the one i owned as a kid without paying an arm and a leg, so I had to make do with this later release. The pilot, dressed in black, was highly sought after. Check out the laser cannon from the Empire Strikes back movie! And who is that in the center? The emperor!!!

The mama jamma of the rebel alliance in my opinion was the millenium falcon. I loved this thing. You put batteries in it and the thing would come alive with noise. Chewbaca was too large to fit nicely in any compartment. I remember playing with this thing as a base of operations to launch my attack on the empire!

And now, ladies and gentleman, the grand daddy of them all. the ATAT walker. You can cram like 10 soldiers inside, 2 drivers, put batteries in it so make the guns fire, and it would stand up no matter how poorly you placed the legs. Shown here are 2 drivers dressed in white, 2 officers in different garb, and of course a trooper.

Feeling nostalgic? Go to ebay, buy the toys you loved or wanted the most, put them on some shelves in your room, and I promise you'll be happy. Don't spend too much money but just enough to make your friends say ooh i remember that! And, if you don't have any friends, think of all the rest of your retrojunk family you can make to drool! Keep tuned for my next installment entitled; Tandy computer, you know you like it. And do a search for 'galaxy high' and 'g.i. joe toys' to see my other articles!
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