5 Big Movies

a list of movies that were a huge part of my childhood in the 80s and 90s
June 07, 2007

This movie was one of the biggest events of my life. It was live action and on the big screen. I saw the preview and I could not wait. I sweated and paced for weeks waiting on it to come to the big screen in my small town. When it finally arrived it was huge. I saw it on opening weekend with my whole family. It was great. It was better than I expected. I also watched read the book that goes along with the movie. It had a toy line that that went along with the movie. It still is one of the greatest movies of my life. It was the first DVD I purchased.


I was more excited about this movie than the first. I had already seen the splendor of TMNT on the big screen and I knew that a sequel would be all that it was cracked up to be. I also saw this on opening weekend because I would not shut up about it. I was in the third grade. It did not disappoint. It still is one of my favorite movies and also one of my early DVD’s.


I was probably too young to actually see this movie but it did not stop me. From the first time I saw the original I awaited the second. I did not see this movie on opening weekend but I made up for by seeing at the theater 6 times. Every time I fell in love with it more. I had a press on t-shirt made. My grandfather asked why he parked his motorcycle on a hill; I was chubby kid back then. I think it was because of al the Giggle cookies I ate.


The original Jurassic Park was a masterpiece. I was old enough to appreciate its magical special effects. When you finally see the dinosaurs for the first time it is a jaw dropping experience. Initially the theater is silent then it was filled with wows from adults and children alike. The special effects most definitely stand the test of time because I still am blown away with the dinosaurs. The movie was much more frightening than I expected. There were a few places where I gasped in sudden fear. I did however have nightmares after the awesome flick.


This movie was huge to me. I was a huge He-Man fan. It blew me away as a child and just blew as an adult. At the time, it was the best. When I rewatched it was not very good. Dolf was a He-Man as anyone can be but the rest of the cast, excluding Frank Langella, poor. It was very 1988. It still change my life as an child and it did spawn a new line of MOTHU toys so it still makes my top 5.
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