Prom Night

Taking a look back on the Series.
July 28, 2008
Well after writing my first article on Toxic Avenger, I didnt want to do it on another Troma franchise,so i went through ideas some good,some bad. Getting a recomendation from another Retro Junker i decided to do this Article on the Prom Night Series...Enjoy.

Prom Night Follows the story of a masked killer who stalks four teenagers responsible for the accidental death happening six years earlier. The Film is one of Slasher's finest starring Jamie Le Curtis(Halloween) and a first appearance of Leslie Nealson. The Movie does has it's flaws like every slasher film, but were not exactly making art here. It's Art to me though .It's also known the film has a lot of disco(ouch) but since people get killed the music slips away. The Big conclusion at the end is the brother of the sister who gets killed, is the killer. The Killings are half descent,my favorite one is Either when "Lou"s decapitated head rolls down and everyone in at prom sees and begins running out the door.Or the other killing when "Slick" is fighting with the killer,while driving the van, killer jumps out,It goes over a cliff and explodes. The better scene is the chase scene between "Kim" and the Killer,Kim ends up killing him with an axe to the Head (hell yeah)

The Sequal to Prom Night wasnt made until seven years later. And the Film actually has nothing to do with the original,except the high school is the same from the previous.

My favorite out of the three sequals,good memories come from this film. Remembering renting this film from my local video store a couple of times. This flick has more of a plot than the original. It starts back in 1957,Mary lou Moloney is the new prom queen at Hamilton High School,but her angry boyfriend Kills her by lighting her on fire. 30 years later she takes revenge by taking over the body of Viki Carpenter as she puts on the prom dress mary lou wore in 1957. The movie has pretty cool effects. my two favorite scenes,First when
Vikie/Mary lou chases a girl into a locker, and she crushes all the lockers beside the one the girls in and crushes her to death. And the other isnt actually a killing scene its just a cool effect. When Vickie/Mary lous is in the class room and she goes up to the chalk board and it turns into a pool and she gets sucked in.
The movie is more creative than its original, but the killings are not-so slasher type with an axe or knife.

The Next Prom Night film is alot more like of a comedy with a horror theme. it still is a really cool movie, it just seems every sequal keeps changing the original formula.Change can be good,Change can be bad.

The Film Follows a murdered teen, who comes back from the grave. She wants a teenage boy to do her murders for her, boy dosent like it too much. the first time i seen this movie was on USA UP ALL NIGHT(good times) but than i rented to see if anything big was edited out.
But the real weird thing is in the VHS version that i still have has gore,nudity and language. The version i own on DVD has nothing of that sort. sometimes DVD's suck.

Probably the worst out of the three sequals.the movie is about this really religious guy,who thinks he's doing the work of God by killing people. Yup, well i think the movie would of been fine if it hadnt had Prom night in the title, Could of called "Deliver us from Evil", but no someone tried to make a buck thinking it would bring
fans of the first three films, just put the name of the highschool in their and mention Mary lou, bad sequal. by the time this movie came out,no one really cared. And the weird thing in this movie had a short theactrical run, but the movie was longer than the Vhs or DVd version.
The movie came out in 92, some words of another sequal, but nothing happened. Until 2007 something horrofic happened,something any horror fan would want to puke about they made a.........


Im not showing a picture of the poster, but let me describe it to ya. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH yup thats what i wanted to do when i saw the poster of the atrocity. But i did see the film, like a good horror film buff that i am,given anything a chance. It was pure Cow dung. (censored it for ya) It was about a obssessed teacher, which is a popular subject of today but at least the same plot and thats not the worst. Lets make it for the pre-teens yeah lets take an R-rated film and make it PG-13, its like slapping God across the face.

Thank You for your time.
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