Fat Albert

A little bit about my favourite show Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids.
April 13, 2007
Almost everyone has seen bill cosby's tv show Fat Albert and the cosby kids and it's one of my favourite shows so I am going to talk about that today.

Bill cosby did most of the voices of the characters. the show ran for 12 years from 1972 to 1984. this show was very entertaining and also taught young children on how to deal with problems from stage fright to gun violence [toned down for young kids]

In 1979, the show was re-titled The New Fat Albert Show and featured a pair of new animated segments: "The Brown Hornet" (detailing the adventures of a larger-than-life African-American crime fighter in outer space whose design resembled a caricature of Bill Cosby, who also performed vocal talents on the character) and "Legal Eagle" (involving a crime-fighting eagle and a pair of bumbling police squirrels).

In 1984, the show was syndicated and renamed The Adventures of Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids. In those episodes, the lack of network restrictions allowed the producer to delve into previous forbidden subject matter such as when the kids have an inadvertent brush with the law and are given a terrifying Scared Straight!-style tour of an occupied maximum security prison. It ended the same year. In 1989, NBC aired reruns for a few months during that summer.

the characters were:
Fat Albert - Catchphrase: "Hey Hey Hey"
Mushmouth - spoke in Ubbi Dubbi
Dumb Donald - Wore a pink stocking cap over part of his face. Prone to horrible judgement.
Bill - based on Bill Cosby himself
Mudfoot - Elderly proprietor of the junkyard where the group often hung out. He often conned the group out of their money.
Rudy - Flamboyantly dressed smooth talker. His family is significantly more well off than the others; he is the only band member with a real musical instrument (the others use homemade variations).
Russell - Bill's laid back younger brother (named for Cosby's real-life brother Russell), always dressed for the winter. His catchphrase: "No class.", usually used to insult Rudy.
Weird Harold - Serves as Mushmouth's translator, a tall skinny kid who always wears a shirt and jacket, clumsy except on the basketball court
Bucky - A kid with buck teeth
The Brown Hornet - Show-within-a-show about an African American superhero (a parody of The Green Hornet) whose cartoons were watched by the group
Legal Eagle - Another show-within-a-show, involving a crime-fighting cartoon bird and two lazy squirrel underlings.

In 2004 there was a live action movie about fat albert and it was really good in my opinion

I hope you have enjoyed my article
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