Gi Joe and Cobra

Looking back after 25 years
January 23, 2008
When I was a young boy I can remember back to when I became interested in GI Joes. It was largely in part because my friend Clay had an army of them at his house and I marveled at the backyard wars he would set up.

Being from a single parent home, I didn't quite enjoy the same levels of toy luxury that Clay did. My Mom busted her butt to get us by. Still, even when it was tough to do she would buy for me and my sister when she could. I am grateful for that to this day. Trying to think back I am afraid I may not be able to list all the names of the Joes I did have. But I will try.

Sgt Slaughters Renegades-Red Dog, Taurus and Mercer
Captain Grid Iron
Stalker (Tundra Ranger)

Crystal ball
Techno Viper
Road Pig

Joe Mobile Command Center, Joe Locust Helicopter, Cobra Piranha speed boat

In retrospect, it wasn't alot. But I had other toys from other lines and I was content. I always knew that my mother did what she could.

I enjoyed the cartoons as well. I really followed Flint and Shipwreck a lot. But when the GI Joe started fighting toxic terrorists, I was already teening up and taking other interests such as girls and football.

It's funny how things long gone become important. How retro becomes the in thing. In my mid 20's I started watching the Gi Joe cartoons on Toonami, and I found myself setting VCR to record.

Shortly therafter Gi Joe made a comeback which lasted longer than Masters Of The Universe short lived return. I was happy for the kids of the new generation. They could have Gi Joe the way I remembered it, well....sort of.

So what makes a man buy a toy for himself? It sounds taboo right? Like said man has developmental issues. Maybe said man is regressing. If it's a problem, it has become a multi million dollar money maker all over the country.

So many men today are not detered from buying blasts to their past and collecting and displaying them. I don't even know what the women of Gen X are thinking about us. But I cannot point the finger at anyone else.

Just yesterday I walked into Wal Mart and curiously walked over to the boys toys. I found 25th anniversery editions of Cobra Commander and Shipwreck, and I bought them. They're displayed behind my computer. I plan on purchasing more of the 25th anniversery line.
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