Video Game Memories Vol 1

4 games that I enjoyed
March 31, 2008
In the retro spirit of things I am going to take some time and a few articles to discuss my favorite games in my history of button mashing and Nintendo thumb. Mind you, these games wont exactly be considered the greatest games in history; its just that for some reason or another I loved them.

So to bust the Champaign bottle across the bow as it were, because of my username I shall start with-

Friday the 13th-NES

I know I know. This game was so hard it was frustrating but even at a young age I had decided that Friday The 13th was my favorite horror series. So the appeal to me was that this was a chance to go around Crystal Lake in the world of video games. And I went all over the place for as far and along as I could before dying. Eventually I tired of saving the counselors or even trying to win the game. Instead I wanted to tour the land.

I went in the cabins, in the woods, at some point I made it to Jasons shack. I never made it to Pamelas floating head in the cave however. I had to try and remember my way around. Okay up, down, left, right..BLAM..ahhh Jason! Yes, sadly I must admit Jasons sudden arrivals startled me. But what was the deal with the zombies! And the wolves? WTH? Still I would chuck knives and stones to my best ability. I remember the game was too hard. But it was my interactive portal to camp Crystal Lake, an experience which insanely enough I havent been able to have again since! Why in the hell havent any game companies created Crystal Lake for a modern game system? In a world of Resident Evils and interactive game worlds, a big duh seems to come to my lips.

Super Mario Bros 3

Let me count the ways I love this game. Truth told, Super Mario Bros 3 deserves its own article. As it is only a segment in this one I will cut to the point. I loved the elemental worlds like the Ice World and Water World. I loved the secret places you could get to. I loved the flutes so I could portal. I must say though I hated, I mean hated World 7, the pipe world. That was more annoying than the final world. But Super Mario Bros 3 was built so well that Nintendo is lucky if it can create a Mario game that is as awesome as that game was back then and is even today. Im sorry but Mario Sunshine what? After Super Mario Bros 3, I can remember being let down by Super Mario World. First thing Im going to do when I buy my Wii is buy a points card and download SMB 3.

Mike Tysons Punch Out

Okay so today we know Mike is a freaking loon doggy. It was over for me when he bit Holyfields ear in 97. But in his prime in the 80s and early 90s he was a freaking terror of the boxing world. His punches were so compact and explosive he didnt even require a cultivated Boxing style. Mike Tysons Punch Out was my first experience with getting Nintendo thumb, a condition where your button mashing thumb gets rubbed raw and blisters.

It was great pressing the start button at just the right time for the knockout. Your opponents would sway from left to right in dramatic fashion before hitting the canvas. You felt a feeling of exhilaration when you nailed the knock out. Needless to say though if you managed to make it to Mike Tyson, forget about it. Beating Mike Tsyon in Punch Out was like beating Jason in Friday The 13th. Its possible but youd better eat a load of brain food first and sign up for a Nintendo training camp. Tyson just bashed you down in this game. Forget about it.

Ghosts N Goblins

This game is another fun button masher. Its a game of ,quick shoot them high and low before they reach me. Shoot shoot jump shoot jump shoot climb. Very basic, very fun. Again, being the lover of all things spooky and Halloween, this game was for me. A bearded Knight in a land of Horrors trying to save the stereotypical video game blonde. Not much to tell about this game. Just a fun button masher set in a world of Bats and the Undead. Now for a confession of a crime. When I was 15 I rented ghosts and goblins from a video rental store in Phoenix. I brought it home then grabbed a screw driver and switched out the game chips between Super Mari Bros and Ghosts N goblins. Then I returned Super Mario Bros in the Ghosts N Goblins shell and had a Super Mario Bros shell with Ghosts n Goblins in it. Guilty as charged your honor.

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