In a good collection theres bound to be some strange comics with no place..
January 08, 2008

If your like me and you are a child of the eighties you probably had a pretty good comic collection.A collection containing some great comics for a young boy to read such as Spider-man, X-Men, Batman, and many other great examples of amazing comics. But take a good look through your collection, I mean a really good look, and you are bound to find some comics that you'll have no idea how they got there or why you bought them. Above and below this paragraph are some great examples of the comics to treasure, and below them...... are the ones that have absolutely no place in a good collection.

My first example of nonsense from my personal collection is Cage, a jive-talking super hero who really doesn't accomplish anything in his first issue. He basically protects a union picket line and fights some wannabe super-villian transsexual, dressed in purple, who swings around some chains. Cage manages to dispatch of him by tearing a plane in half and running a jeep full of explosives into it, thus showing us why hes a super-hero.

This leads me to my second example of a comic which I have no idea why I would have and thats Zorro, number 9. Why would I have in my possession a Zorro comic. Well anyway in this issue Zorro does, I guess what he does, he blocks some daggers thrown at him. He protects the honor of a fair madden, and he beats up on some bad guys. Extremely boring and having no place in my collection. ( In case you were wondering yes he did block the dagger in the scene below).

The third mysterious comic having no place in my collection is completely out of place and silly. James Bond Jr. but at least its a number 1 issue. There is no explanation in the book if he is James Bond's kid or whats going on, it starts out with villains and super gadgets right off the bat. They do however introduce the Grandson of "Q" who, you guessed it, makes crazy spy gear. This guy and his whole operation is lame, he's parashooting around beating on bad guys and getting the girl in the most ridiculous way. At least he's got that cool jacket.

My Last example is not a bad idea its just a bad comic, and that's Married With Children. An awesome show but a shabby comic at best. Im sure I bought this because I was into the show, but the fact that I only bought the first issue and no more leads me to believe that even in 1990 when this comic was released I still had some idea of a good comic. But anyway nothing too interesting happens in the first issue except they are on some show about all American families and some witty banter between Al and Peg, but other than that I would definitely stick with the show over this.

Take a look through your collection, I'm sure you are going to find some examples like these. I stopped collecting comics in the early nineties and look what I came up with, I can only imagine whats out there.
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