The Survivors...

Toys That Survived The Barrel
December 29, 2007
On my week vaction off work this holiday, I began to wonder if any of my old toys survived the BB gun area of my life in the early 90's. I got in the car and drove over to my mothers house and began the treasure hunt. Just to clarify, the weapon used in question was the Crossman 760. If you have ever owned one you know that you can pump the gun an unlimited amout of times unleasing the enormous power of the BB, To which many a 1980's action figure meet his maker in my basement.

When I arrived I began by searching the Attic, my small crawlspace made it hard to search through all the boxes, but after going through them all unfortunatly all I discovered was a small group of Ghostbusters.

Did I destroy all my classic action figures to feed my urge to shoot things with small copper balls? My mother seemed to think so but I couldnt give up my quest, when it dawned on me the garage! I entered the garage and I saw the box from a mile away... Stompers.

I was definatly on the right track. My old garage was huge and after two hours of hunting I was about to give up when I was reaching for a box and it tore open revealing bags upon bags of random toys. After taking them home this is what I managed to come up with.

Number 1 - M.A.S.K. A very small amount of Mask toys seemed to have survived much to my surprise. Their vehicles on the other hand were not nearly as lucky I actually found a few that had been shot to hell, I'll spare you the pictures, its better to remember them the way they were.

Number 2 - Transformers, Go-bots, and Voltron. I dont even remember having any of these toys but apparently I have quite a few that managed to survive.

Number 3 - Starcom It took me a while to even remeber what these guys were all about, and it boils down to one word MAGNETS. Thats pretty much it they had some magnets on the bottom of there feet. I wasnt really into them but I guess a few made it.
Number 4 - G.I. Joe Now I remember having hundreds of them along with giant vehicles and crazy accessory after crazy accessory, almost all of which had meet a gruesome fate at the end of my barrel. These lone few are all that survived.

Number 5 - Army Ants and Guts I Can't believe that any of these guys made it, usually anything with an army theme had to answer to my rifle leaving very few in one piece .

Number 6 - M.U.S.C.L.E. Last but not least, the only reason any of these guys survived at all is because their made of 1980s super plastic, a plastic that could stop real bullets let alone a mere BB .

These article is just a small representation of what I discovered. If I had all they toys, that had been shattered by a speeding ball of death in my basement, I could have made a truley respectable collection. This article is deticated to the brave souls who perished so that others my have lived.
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