Turning Back The Clock

Reliving my childhood through clothes
June 07, 2007
There are certain things us adults do to relive our childhood,to turn back the clock,if you will.Some will contact old friends from high school,and 'go down memory-lane',recalling certain events that happened 'back in the day'.Others will partake in hobbies and recreational acitivities that they took up as teens and young kids even though they are well past the age where this is normal.For example,today many men in their 20's, 30s, even 40's, will play video games during their free-time, like they did as teens and children, sometimes even playing the same exact games that they played as kids.For me,there are a couple articles of clothing that I have grown fond of wearing these days that until recently,I hadn't worn since I was a young kid.As I mentioned in my first article,I was born in 1979,so I grew up in the decade of the 1980's.Well,back in the early 1980's,when I was a lad of only a few years old,there were two outfits,or articles of clothing that my parents seemed to dress me in religiously.First were my overalls.If I wasn't wearing jeans and a T-shirt with my favorite cartoon characters on it,I was wearing overalls,mostly "Osh-Kosh B'Gosh" overalls (the kids in these pictures are wearing the type of overalls I wore as a kid).I have many old pictures of myself in old photo albums from the early 1980's in which I was wearing these things.By the late 1980's,I was mostly wearing jeans and sweat-shirts or T-shirts with sports logos on them,and didn't go back to wearing overalls until about 10 years ago,when I bought a pair in the late 1990's,and still have a couple pairs of overalls I wear occasionally,and they remind me of my childhood long ago when I wore these religiously as a young kid. For a time,overalls were back 'in vogue' among adults in the late 1990's, though I'm not sure how many were doing it to relive their childhoods when they wore overalls quite frequently, like I did. The other article of clothing that I've recently started wearing again that I hadn't worn since I was a young lad in the early 1980's, and these are even more likely to be worn by mostly little kids but seems to be making a bit of a come-back in some circles among adults,were those famous (or infamous),Doctor Denton pajamas,otherwise called blanket sleepers or footed pajamas.Who doesn't remember wearing them as a little 4 year old? The ones I wore as a little kid in the early 1980's were those ones with the Winnie-the-Pooh patches on the left-chest,like I mentioned in my first article (In these pictures,the kids are wearing the same Winnie-the-Pooh blanket sleepers I wore in the early 1980's).These were extra thick and fuzzy and were terribly itchy on the inside,as I recall.I hated wearing them as a little kid and thought that they were ugly,too.When I stopped wearing them when I was 5 years old,I was happier than anything to be rid of those annoying things,but some 10-15 years later,I was in a clothing store and saw a pair of these huge pajamas with the feet in them.I couldn't believe it! Boy,did it bring back a lot of childhood memories,but I was surprised to see them in the adult sleepwear department of this store,so as a gag,I decided to try them on,and boy did that bring back memories of those Saturday morning cartoons that I remember watching in my youth in the 1980's.From then on,I was hooked.I loved how these things were one-piece (I hate when my pajama-shirt rolls up on me at night,while I'm trying to sleep),and had feet attached (saved me having to grab my slippers or socks in the morning),so I bought the things and I've been wearing these fuzzy,all-in-one pajama-suits (in adult-sized,of course),every winter since.I can't believe I hated them as a little kid,or maybe,looking back on it now,I really did like wearing these full-body,footed pajama-suits as a little kid after-all.Well,those are the two articles of clothing that I wear occasionally to relive my childhood as a "Child of the 80's"
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