Death in Cartoons

A look at important cartoon deaths
January 12, 2015
Death In Cartoons

As a kid, as a teenager, as an adult, there is one certainty that rings true regardless of one's age:coping with death sucks. Be it of a parent, a close friend, a pet, it can be hard to deal with. Sometimes to cope people turn to fictional characters for comfort. Those very same characters however can often bring sadness and grief. People can become so attached to the backstories and the lives of fictional characters that the death of one can be hard to cope with. Any form in which death rears its ugly head and presents itself can be tough to comprehend.

There is said to be no opposite to life. By defintion death is the opposite of birth. Often fictional characters are only born to die. These are the top five cartoon character deaths that really stood out for me.

5. Morph from X -Men
This one gets a place on the list simply for it was the very first encounter I ever had seeing death presented on a Saturday Morning Cartoon (thanks Fox!). I recall growing up much like everyone else loving those Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles but around the time I was getting to be a little older and the Ninja Turtles was clearly on its downhill slide, this new X-Men show was premiering on Fox Saturday Morning. X Men had all these cool stories and the show itself was going to introduce all new characters! Introduce Morph. He was this new interesting character that could change his appearance, he was comical and he was one of the good guys. On the very first episode, the X Men were on an adventure to some odd government building to obtain some records for some reason, Morph gets surrounded, takes one for the team, and ultimately is killed by a sentinel laser blast. This all happened on the preimere episode. I don't even think I was half way done my bowl of Frosted Flakes before seeing that moment. At the end of the one hour episode Morph was all but gone.

4 .Gargoyle Clan from Gargoyles
The depiction of the castles, the olden day vikings with their swords and shields was so well done on this show. I loved every minute of every episode from the first season of this show. Then it got really far from its source I felt. However, the scene where the Gargoyles are getting destroyed and broken down into rubble by the old vikings is a visual in my head to this very day. The Gargoyle Clan was destroyed by some back stabbing guys and seemingly it was done out of human fear for not understanding something different. Upon Goliath and Hudson's return to the castle all hope in their world seems lost. It seems that the Gargoyle Clan were massacred and slaughtered in sleep simply because humans fear what they do not understand.

3. Seymour from Futurama
I grew up with the aforementioned fictional deaths when I was about 10 or 11. By the time I was a teenager shows like South Park and Simpsons were mainly my animation fix. The shows were more adult, more centered and edgier. South Park featured death every episode so the impact of it was tame. When the Simpsons featured death, while done well, it was always to a minor character so it never stuck with me. Then along came Futurama. Jurassic Bark. This episode for any reader out there who may not have seen it, you should give it a view on hulu or youtube.
Fries dog encompasses the feelings shared by all of us dog owners. You can relate to the sheer joy they both Fry and Seymour have just by being with one another. If you have ever had a dog, this episode is for you. Bring the kleenex. Funny note on the episode is how in the original script the writers were going to have the role of Seymour be played by fries mother instead but it was changed due to an overwhelming feeling the audience may be distraught at that . Really dodged a bullet there.

2. Uncle Ben from Spider-Man
From graphic novels, to films, to musicals, to cartoons, and all other forms of art, this death has been presented time and time again. It's signicance is that it gave Peter Parker a reason to be Spider-Man. He had already been given the powers. He already was Spider-Man prior to his Uncles Death. He just was a piss poor super hero with his only motivation s being money and fame. After his Uncles Death Peter Parker starts to piece things together and recongize what he must now do/become. Always in Peter Parker flashbacks, there was always Uncle Ben with a life lessons. Teaching Peter the ways of how to fish, ride a bike, use a a camera and to stand up for one's principles. Uncle Ben taught Peter and even in Peters darkest moments of uncertainty it is Uncle Ben's words that he hears. Peter Parker grew stronger from Uncle Ben's death. It is of no doubt Peter would be happier if his Uncle Ben were still alive but would Peter mean as much and be as capable of a Spider-Man if his Uncle were still alive? It is hard to believe that he would be.

1. Thomas and Martha Wayne from Batman: The Animated Series
Batman exists purely out of his parents death. No parents death, no Batman. Since the murder of his parents, Bruce Wayne does not really exist. There is no sembelance of a real life for him, he does not sit at business meetings and go on dates. Even when he does he always leaves in a moments notice. From the death of his parents arose the Batman, if Bruces parents were alive, there would be no Batman. Death motivated the likes of Peter Parker to reflect on what he was doing in his life and then to make it a priority to accept responsibility for his actions and to become a better Spider-Man.

Bruce Wayne can not be looked as having any fault in the death of his parents. Bruce however takes the responsibility and vows to avenge his parents deaths and to take it upon himself to fight for everyone. He feels guilt ridden every part of every day.

His ultimate life fantasy has his parents being alive, he gets married to Selina Kyle and gets to live that carefree billionaire lifestyle. The Batman has no motivation towards money, fighting for the law, fighting for a just cause world, he is Batman only for the reason his parents died. He exists because of death.

Thanks for reading ! I hope you enjoyed the article! Leave some feedback and if I get around to write another one I hope to pick a more uplifting topic!

Other Big Deaths to Mentions :
Optimus Prime , Bambi, Maude Flanders, Mustafa.
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