100 Deeds for Eddie McDowd
Debut: October 16, 1999
Ended: April 21, 2002
Debut: October 16, 1999
Ended: April 21, 2002

A school bully named Eddie was turned into a dog for his crimes. Now he must complete 100 good deeds in order to turn back to human. The only person who can understand him is the boy in which he last bullied. The show was apparently cancelled before the plot was acomplished, with Eddie having 76 more deeds to go.

Spike: "*In Regular Voice* Ho Ho Ho. Wait A Second, I'm An Elf. *Makes Voice Sqeakier* Ho ho ho."
Eddie McDowd: "*To Mr. Taylor Even Though Only Justin Can Hear Him Talk* Nice Hat Baldy Clause."
Justin: "Stop Being Such A Scrouge."
Justin: "Well I Have Something That Will Cheer Ya Up. *He Gets Some Reindeer Antlers Out Of A Box*"
Eddie McDowd: "Oh No You Didn't. *Justin Puts The Antlers On Eddie McDowd* *Whimpers*"
Justin: "*Laughs* Check It Out. *Eddie McDowd Growls*"
Eddie McDowd: "You've Got Five Seconds To Get The Antlers Offa' Me Or You'll Be Celebrating Christmas In The Emergency Room."
Eddie McDowd: "Uh - Oh."
The Drifter: "*Deep Voice* Ho Ho Ho."
Eddie McDowd: "Guh I'd Hate To See The Chimney You Fit Down."
The Drifter: "I've Been Watching You Eddward, And I Don't Like What I See."
Eddie McDowd: "C'Mon Man Its Christmas Eve, Don't Ya Ever Take A Day Off From Doing Good?"
The Drifter: "Can't Afford To, Cause' You Never Taka' Day Off From Doing BAD!"
Eddie McDowd: "I'm Sorry About The Reindeer Ok I'll Reassemble It By New Years."
The Drifter: "I Ain't Worried About The Reindeer Eddward, I'm Worried About You."
Eddie McDowd: "*To Justin* Let It Go Pal, Its Caroling Time, McDowd Style, A 1 And A 2 And A, Jingle Bells Jingle Bells Jingle All The Way!"
Justin: "Eddie Your Home!"
Eddie McDowd: "FaLease Navidod People."
Eddie McDowd: "Oh Man You Got That Freaky Turn Someone Into A Dog Look In Your Eye Again. Take It Easy Lets Just Be Cool! *Afraid*"
Spike: "Are we Making You Qweezy With Love?"
Gwen: "No Your Making Me Qweezy With A Side Of Your Meaty Green Thighs."
Spike: "How Bout' Santa's Little Helper Helps Himself To A Little Smooch? *Perks Up Lips*"
Gwen: "Try It, And I'll Knock You All The Way Back To The North Pole."
Justin: "*Wakes Up Yelling*"
Eddie McDowd: "What Happened!?"
Justin: "You Drooled All Over Me!"
Eddie McDowd: "What Are You Complaining About Your Cheek Tasted Rank, And I Drank Out Of The Toilet."
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