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A selection of Bubble Gum choices
July 06, 2016
I was in the grocery store the other evening, just picking up some odds and ends and while I waited in line, I saw these :

Now, I had seen some advertisements in magazines and on tv about these but never really thought all that much about it at those times. While at the store I decided to purchase a couple of packs. I popped a couple in my mouth and while I began to head home it got me to thinking about how when I was young, I truly loved bubble gum. Keep in mind, when I say bubblegum, I do not mean Dentyne, Trident or Wrigley. I mean, sugar loaded bubble gum that often included a novelty sticker or tattoo. So, it is with great memories, I present to you fellow Retro Junk readers, the bubble gum selections I made in childhood:

Did I not list your favorite? I would love to read in the comment section all about the gum you remember. Have a nice day!

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