Retro Childhood Review

Join me in the past when I first got my hands on The Playstation!
July 15, 2010
Greetings everyone! It is I, somedude V3, here to share with you a piece of my childhood. It was one of the best times in the history of man: My first Playstation.

Let's see, It was November 16, 1995. I was six. At that age, my schedule consisted of cartoons and more cartoons. Anyway, one of them went to commercial, and that's when I saw it: my first commercial for The Playstation.

BONUS: If you've never seen the first commercial for The Playstation, here's the link!

The commerical I saw was for the classic game, Twisted Metal! Which, to my surprise, came out just six days prior.

Not even a second after that commercial, I was at my Mom's chair, begging her to get me both the PS1 and Twisted Metal. She said "Maybe for my birthday.", which wasn't until October! I tried everything i could think of to get it earlier, but she stood unbending. So for sixteen days, I anxiously waited. I was going crazy, wondering if she was really gonna get it, or if it was all a cruel joke...

On the morning of my birthday, i raced down the stairs, ready to see if I had what I so desprately wanted. However, my Mom was already down there and she decreed that I couldn't open my presents until my brother and sister was up and after the cake. Once again, I had to wait (Boo!). Finally after what seemed like forever, I was finally allowed to open my presents! Here they were in order:

Socks: there should be a commandment against this: Thou shalt not give children socks on their birthday.

A dinosaur bank: And don't say that it's Godzilla, cause this lame ass excuse of a lizard is NOT Godzilla.

Books: I was, and still am, something of a bookworm.

Indiana Jones videotapes: Cause Indy's the man.

At this point, I thought "Well I guess it just wasn't meant to happen". Sadly, I grabbed my last present, which was rectangular like the PS1, but I was convinced that it wasn't. Boy, was I wrong.

I went crazy as soon as I saw what was inside: a Playstation and Twisted Metal. I jumped up and down and did my victory dance. You can guess that it wasn't long before I hooked it up and started playing. I played that baby all day long, and every time I played as my favorite driver:The baddest motherf---in' clown ever, Sweet Tooth.

My brother who's four years my elder, said that he could easily crush me cause he was the self proclaimed master of games in our house. He challenged me, and I accepted. And I'm happy to say that I kicked his arrogant ass all day. Master of games my foot!

I can honestly say that it was the best present I ever got in my childhood. So as the day ended, and I was getting ready for bed, I smiled, because I knew that I was about to embark on the future of gaming. I couldn't wait.

Well, I hope you found this piece of my life interesting! So until next time this is somedude V3 saying, "Good Night!"
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