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For those who love a good guitar riff..
May 14, 2008

As my first article on this awesome site, I wanted to do do something diffrent. I dont know if you all experienced the Era of Hair but I think between the music, posters and magazines, it kind of shaped my teen years. Along with the music came the image which I believe was the center of it all. You had guys dressed and acting like strippers on video and posing on posters. The music itself was amazing. They had awesome guitar riffs and amazing live shows. Yeah they looked like strippers but to me they were rock gods. It was the early 80's when I heard my first glammed band, Motley Crue. These guys rocked and still do. I had to hear more which then lead to other bands, Cinderella, Skid Row and Warrant.

I found myself recording the Pepsi Power Hour on MuchMusic. Watching these videos over and over again.I would bug my parents to buy me the music tapes at the local music outlet.Then came my obsession of Metal Edge magazine. I had those posters on every square inch of my room.I had a huge crush on Lee Aaron and Lita Ford. My parents hated it but it was my only creativity at the time within the house. So now I have glam rock everywhere pulling me away from my transformers, he men and gi joes. I would make sure I always had enough for the latest Metal Edge magazine. I would start taking out the posters, then read the articles as fast as I can so I could rip out the 1 page posters. I found scotch tape the best to stick the pics up but man did it strip the paint off the walls.

Now with my room looking like a den of rock, I had my look to work on. I spiked my hair, grew it long and wore the ripped jeans.I wanted to learn how to play guitar to make my own awesome riffs, and I wanted a BC Rich Warlock as my axe to do it. I still to this day have a love for that guitar. I have yet to own but in the very near future.

So now that I had my stock pile of Metal, I had my favs and my not so favs. I will share with you my favs of all time now with you.
1. Motley Crue- nice transition with the times and solid tunes and Tommy rocks and sweet music videos.
2.Poison-C.C.'s riffs and the party anthem tunes and thier use of BC Rich guitars.thier videos were good too.

3.Warrant- image and good guitar riffs, I think Jani lane is a bitch though.horrible videos

4.Cinderella- Sweet tunes and rough (well rough for glam) vocals. ok videos, not to bad.

5.Skid Row- vocals for sure and who could beat and Rachel Bolan with his chain from nose to ear, classic. Videos were kinda boring.

Thats all folks but I would like to throw my other favorite bands that were putting out awesome tunes and videos at that time but weren't glam. I give a shout out to my fav all time band Iron Maiden, Def Leppard, Megadeth, Metallica (80's version), Bon Jovi and the kings of marketing thier image KISS.
Hope you enjoyed a trip down glam lane!!
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