Hair Metal vs. Grunge; Just Who Survived

Hair Metal and Grunge, two of the most powerful musical movements of the late 80s/early 90s, and yet neither remain prominent today....or do they?
November 17, 2005

Hair Metal was a fad. Even its most loyal fans couldn’t have ever expected the genre to continue in the mainstream, chart-topping format that it had held in 80’s America. It’s a well-known saying that too much of anything is bad for you and this was definitely true of the bands that had originally received fame on the LA circuit. Hair Metal was so in tune with the 80’s that even the bands who had hit the big time in that decade found it hard to even chart their material in the 90’s. An article in Q Magazine once said that its ‘readers’ taught Kurt Cobain’s greatest achievement was destroying Hair Metal. It seems that the ignorance of the Grunge era is not yet dead completely when we read this statement, because we wonder why the supposed readers had no time to take into account the changing political climate (the fall of the Soviet Union), the reinvention of MTV and Beavis and Butthead, an animated cartoon series about two college students who would sit on a couch and comment on the latest music videos, with their next door neighbour being portrayed as an uncool kid that wore a Winger T-Shirt! But I suppose if you were the kind of person who got down to a song like Poison’s ‘Nothing But a Good Time’ in 1988, you’d hardly have taken a fancy to Nirvana’s ‘Rape Me’ in 1992.

But we’re in 2005 now, and both decades have ended. And if you look around (and I mean look beyond the obvious), you’ll start noticing that Hair Metal is still there. The bands still release the albums, the groups still perform the tour and the records still ascend the charts. But try looking for Grunge. Try looking for Grunge past bands like Nickelback and Staind, past yet another Nirvana ‘Greatest Hits Compilation’ and you’ll start to notice something. Grunge is gone, Grunge is dead. Sure Grunge has helped influence some of the most successful rock groups of the late 90’s and early 00’s, but it hasn’t actually succeeded in doing what it was created to do, eliminating the bands with the big mullets and the leather pants. Some Hair Metal bands remerged from the woodwork in the mid 90’s, noticing that their biggest enemy had vanished and they were free to sell records again. In fact, while Nirvana fans may be so bold to claim that Cobain killed Hair Metal, music fans might admit that the real truth is simply that Cobain just stalled Hair Metal and actually killed Grunge (as well as himself!). Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins once said, ‘Kurt’s death seemed to take the wind out of everyone’s sails’ and in retrospect, perhaps this is the most truthful statement that has ever been made about Grunge.

But before we can examine why Hair Metal has seemed to survive Grunge, we must examine the truth behind why Hair Metal succeeded in becoming such a popular movement in the first place. The truth of the matter is that Hair Metal artists were serious musicians. Songs in the 80’s required more power to perform so there was more virtuoso. The 80’s were all about excelling to the next level, where as the 90’s seemed focused on self-pity and it became uncool to do nothing more then stand and play on stage. Now, I understand that Grunge fans will feel that this is an ignorant statement, but lets be fair, because asides from Alice in Chains who used odd time signatures to a creative effect, there wasn’t much going for Grunge. Take the example of when Def Leppard performed live unplugged on an American radio station, singing in harmony. The DJ said, ‘That was incredible’, to which Joe replied: ‘you must be a product of the nineties. There is nothing incredible about three guys singing in tune.’

The heart of the situation is that while hair metal is supposed to be facile, shallow, meaningless and sexist, Grunge purports to be earthy, real, emotional and genuine. This isn't the case. Sure, Kurt Cobain's anger against the world was genuine but then the bands that caused hair metal – Motley Crue, Def Leppard and Van Halen -- were also genuine rockers. Grunge became just as much a movement as hair metal: flannel shirts, unwashed hair, huge boots and forced misery were cashing in on the trend just as much as hair metal bands had done a few years previously, jumping the bandwagon just to make a fast one. However, unlike with the relatively harmless constant copying of Hair Metal, the copying of Grunge was a very negative thing because the view was that Grunge made it cool to be miserable; a trend that Metal and Rock is yet to recover from. Gavin Rossdale from the group Bush once commented in an interview at how Kurt's committing suicide had always struck him as ‘an immensely powerful thing.’ But in my opinion, anything that glamorises suicide is beyond negative; it's evil.

Hair Metal had a very positive musical effect. Songs such as ‘Youth Gone Wild’ were made about enjoying your life. Lets face it, there is too much misery in the world today as it is, so songs that celebrate the enjoyment of life should be cherished, and this is one of the main reasons that Hair Metal caught on with the generation of youth that it did. You realise after a while, though, that there's nothing very positive about unprotected sex and drug abuse, which Hair Metal also made sound cool. Let's not kid ourselves though: the Grungers were getting just as high and using just as many groupies; at least Hair Metal didn't pretend to be anything other than sexist. If Grunge did get people down and make them depressed then it has a lot to answer for. On the other hand, did Grunge depress people or did it simply reflect the gloom of the 90’s that already existed?
But what was it that made Grunge so damn miserable as opposed to the happy upbeat tunes of Hair Metal? Well, it all started where nearly every story starts, at the beginning. It starts with Grunge’s roots. Grunge was born in Seattle in 1989, and at that time Seattle had little to distinguish itself from the rest of the country. Seattle was an isolated city that was tucked away in a corner of America that is seldom visited by few. What remains then is a city that retains all the traits of a hometown country village, without ever having actually been one. Many of the people I have talked to who have visited Seattle have claimed that they would only ever want to live in Seattle if they could live in any city in America, because they feel the home-grown nature of the city. The thing that Seattle had retained in all this that other big cities had lost was an inner self-belief in itself. Whereas LA had been the birthplace of Hair Metal simply because of one bands originality from the club scene there, Seattle had grown up together and the bands that played there had been doing so well before Hair Metal had ever begun. In fact, some of the bands still play their music there now, content in the fact that it is as they want it to be. Seattle groups all listened to the same groups and therefore their thinking was unilateral. However, LA had money, whereas Seattle had none, and the Grunge scene escalated into nothing more then a fantasy until the late 80’s when record label Sub Pop began and signed what were to become the first wave of Grunge bands, with artists such as Mother Love Bone, Green River and The Melvin’s.

However, that should have meant that money flowed into Seattle once there was enough of a Grunge movement to encourage a substantial following, but no. The answer was because of the Grunge philosophy. In Grunge, success equalled failure, which obviously caused some problems. The general idea is that if you’re popular, then you’re an awful band and if you’re mainstream then you should be shot. This ridiculous thinking had come from the years and years previous when the bands in Seattle couldn’t get signed to record labels and therefore grew a strong hatred for them. When the Grunge movement finally did start, there was no revised plan and their original Seattle fans spit upon bands like Nirvana because they had ‘sold out’. If you are in a band then you have to face the fact that when the record label signs you, you will not have 100% creative control. You can write the best song in the world, but if the label doesn’t approve then it doesn’t go on the album unless you fund the project from your own pocket, which you cant do if you have just been signed. Therefore, while Grunge spouted all this anti corporate rubbish it was all a bunch of crap when you consider that the only way the bands would have gotten to be in the position of power they were in, in the first place was if they had signed a major label deal! When Alice in Chains split in 1996 for example it was claimed that it was because of their hatred of the music industry, when it fact it was because Layne Staley was addicted to heroin. Because of all this, Grunge was self-destructive to begin with. It was impossible for Grunge to over ground without destroying its original values.

These days, there are bands like Machine Head who attract a small constant following and flourish for years because of it and even though they are signed to a major label they haven’t sold out to their ideas, but Grunge was a little more difficult to remain both loyal to and gain success from. On the other hand, Hair Metal is, in the words of Joe Perry, ‘just American rock & roll taken to the extreme. It has no problem with capitalism, profiteering, decadence, excess, or money’. So it fits right in for hair metal bands to sell millions of records and make millions of pounds. In fact, that was the whole point!

Hair Metal was insane in some respects, because the recording budgets were huge and the albums were ‘polished’ (constantly mixed and edited for the right balance of all vocals and instruments) until the cows came home. So to be the complete opposite, Grunge chose to simply produce the albums for as little as possible (saving the money for heroin and such) and having raw production. In this respect, Grunge can be thanked for the increase in live recording albums, which almost tripled after the end of the Grunge revolution due to the fact that artists were shown the benefit of recording their concerts for release. So maybe we thank Grunge for making rock vocal again. Raw Production (as opposed to that horrible lo-fi production) can be quite amazing and can make it sound as if the artist has a voice for singing (remember that comment on Joe Elliot). On the other hand, the polished sounds of Def Leppard are a lot better then what sounds like 3 blokes in a bedroom performing, and the massive drum sounds of Motley Crue sound a lot better then what appears to be an angry man kicking some cardboard boxes around.

Finally, there is the fact that people listen to music they identify with. All the arguments against Hair Metal and against Grunge mean nothing at the end of the day. Hair Metal was over-produced; Grunge was just badly produced. Hair Metal bands looked ridiculous but so did Grungers. It's possible to bash either genre but Critics prefer Grunge and Critics think that there is such a thing as good taste and that coolness is dependent on having it. The fact that some segments of Grunge are still cool annoys me personally infinitely, as does the constant ridicule that Hair Metal gets and Grunge doesn't even though both genres are equally ridiculous for different reasons. But at the end of the day, I think people identified with Hair Metal, with the optimism, the happiness, the party spirit, the volume, the larger-than-life thing. People appreciated the overboard ness. It is entertainment for its own sake and doesn't pretend to have any deep meaning. Entertainment is very important, and people appreciated the fact that hair metal is nothing more than entertainment. It shouldn't be looked down upon for that. The point I am trying to make is that in music, everyone needs good upbeat songs all the time and this is why Hair Metal is still around and Grunge is not.
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1 year, 9 months ago
Well duh.
If you want to know who survived the hair metal vs. grunge battle then look no further than the metal bands of the 1970's and 80's who are still together and touring! Of course the metal bands are older now and may be playing smaller venues but my point is they're still alive and kicking while most of the grunge pioneers are doing nothing but pushing up daises. Grunge had its "moment in the sun" but it was a shooting star that burned very brightly yet very briefly.
Grunge might have made headlines but metal bands made history. Hands down and without a doubt metal won that battle with one hand tied behind it's back.
    3 years ago
    An excellent article. I personally found Grunge music generally too depressing, dark, nihilistic, to the point that the music feels sort of oppressing. apart from a couple of alternative, bands I generally would much rather listen to Van Halen than any band from the grunge era.
      6 years, 2 months ago
      I liked the article.
      To the subject though, I thought "hair-Metal" bands were embarrassing although I did like a lot of the music. At the same time, I thought Grunge was "childish" and angry.
      I was born in 1970. My favorite music is now called Classic Rock I guess. Bands like Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, The Who, Cream, Pink Floyd, Deep Purple.
      These will always be the greatest. It all depends where and when you grew up at.
      I would agree though that hair bands were better musicians than grunge bands.
        7 years, 4 months ago
        The only thing Kurt Cobain killed was himself. The record labels are the ones who killed hair metal. They were too busy looking for the 800th version of Bon Jovi or Poison and didn't bother trying to find anything original outside of GNR.
          7 years, 7 months ago
          Got into 80's metal in Jr High 87 & Got into grunge 90 before graduation. So I was at a unique age to live both eras fully. 80's metal was my LIFE back then, Grunge did not kill 80's metal. It finally committed suicide! The truth is that Evil corporate greed was the provider of the green fuel known as $$$ that made these movements exist in the first place. Please realize that NOTHING in our society exists unless "they" will it to & it ALL has a specific agenda. 80's metal & the "power ballad" were a formula created by the suits for the masses that worked. It was repeated until it decimated itself. Cookie cutter bands were flooding the scene faster than the mind could keep up with! On it's last stand music was finally irrelevant to formula & grunge seized the day & stole the crown. I remember helping usher in grunge because it was different & felt like a breath of fresh air. Bottom line is music is personal. All of this is to say that it is all subjective & meaningless to argue about!
            7 years, 7 months ago
            Grunge and glam metal are both good, so why argue? But I think grunge died when Kurt died, there aren't much grunge bands nowadays, but there are still glam bands like Steel Panther.
              7 years, 7 months ago
              Good, article,I found many of the grunge bands, pretentious, and a bit self righteous. They were always trying, to prove how, pure their motives were in making music. In the end it was just an act, all artists want to sell records and make money. As for Nirvana, it is such depressing music. I would much rather listen to classic van Halen, or even kiss.
                7 years, 8 months ago
                Once I saw the first paragraph ("Beavis and Butthead, an animated cartoon series about two college students") I knew this author is talking out of his ass or alternately the constant bleaching and perming finally fried his brain.
                  7 years, 11 months ago
                  Dude you have no clue what your talking about! Hair Metal didn't survive Grunge. grunge destroyed it. Grunge is still around, i don't know where you live but every place I've been to has Grunge kids. I have also not even heard of any new hair metal albums that have come out, probably cause they still suck. Pearl Jam and Soundgarden have both come out with new albums and so has Alice In Chains. Also saying that Nickelback and Staind are grunge is a sin! They are just some wanna be pretty boys, the 90's version of hair metal. Hair Metal sucks, it should have died in the 80's and you defending it is just shameful man. They spend so much money and mad horrible albums and grunge didn't spend a lot of money and made master pieces because they didn't need to change what they did because they are actually talented. Hair metal bands may play great music but grunge bands are great musicians. Put "Pour Some Sugar On Me" next to "Smells Like Teen Spirit" and see who wins. There's a lot wrong here
                    6 years, 5 months ago
                    Aw, dude, gimme a break. You can't even compare those two songs. I remember about 12 years ago, being a 12 year old boy, and just discovering my own musical tastes and not even knowing names to 80% of the bands out there. It wasn't until a good few years later that I discovered that Smells Like Teen Spirit was the name of that cacophonic try hard static that I was embarrassed to have play anywhere near me. Please bro, I was a 90's kid and I miss everything about that decade BUT it's music. Britney spears, backstreet boys, all that negative emotional breakdown whining they call modern rock, Jesus man, give me a break. The only good thing the mainstream media pumped out in the 90's was it's cartoons. Whatever dude. Enjoy your music if you want man, I'll keep rockin out to mine.
                      7 years, 11 months ago
                      And ok I get it, you probably grew up with the hair metal and have a very deep appreciation for it. As do 90s kids such as myself with grunge. But in all actuality grunge made new music and it was different and edgy and what they said spoke to us cause they were real and they knew how we felt and what we were going through. It wasn't about the money, it was about the music, it was about freedom and expression and being yourself. I do listen to metal bands from the 80's I grew up listening to them also, but it just seemed like more about the money instead of the people it was for. And saying that grunge bands didn't use a lot of money to make their albums is just wrong man. They didn't use the extra money to do drugs, they used the millions they made off their albums on drugs just like your 80s bands. The reason no one makes grunge music anymore is cause no one can as of this moment. Now days no one can write songs like Alice in Chains, Nirvana, and Soundgarden.
                        7 years, 11 months ago
                        Noone can play like them. And then if you thrown in other 90s bands such as Primus, Nine Inch Nails and Tool you will really see that 90's bands are extremely talented and know what they are doing. I don't know if anything I hope that you can't just appreciate grunge and 90's music as I can and someday might even feel the joy it brings me
                          8 years, 2 months ago
                          Glam Metal was the absolute worst thing to ever come out of the 80's. It totally revived Metal from it's failure in the 70's and made it a hundred times worse than it ever was.

                          The 80's were the worst era of music. You can thank MTV and the corporate industry for that. Looks and selling terrible fashion made up the 80's NOT music. This crossed into the 90's when it was replaced by Grunge. It's all about selling, musical talented no longer mattered once MTV came into the picture. While there were great bands and skillful talented musicians, most of them went completely unheard of while this bullshit was what was on the radio and the charts non stop. MTV are the ones that rammed the terrible glam glam crap down everyone's throats while there was some great stuff in the 80's like early Hip Hop that went totally unheard of until crap like N.W.A. and the gangsta rap junk came out.

                          The 60's and 70's were hands down the best era for Rock music
                            8 years, 2 months ago
                            Also you're losing the focus of what happened with hair metal bands, most of them were about power ballads and posing, they kept repeating what others did before. In the 90's people got tired of crappy music and the "you have to like this because its fun" game. Aerosmith was the typical rock and roll band, and they succeeded in the 90's. Why? because they made good music. It didn't matter that they looked "80's" or whatever.
                              8 years, 2 months ago
                              I think you're totally partialized towards Glam and hair metal. What are we talking about here, ticket sales? Lady Gaga or stupid Miley Cyrus can sell big arenas for sure.

                              I was born in the 80's and went through high school exactly in 91, 92, 93 etc. I remember I had a friend that was the typical heavy metal fan, with photos of his favorite bands pasted over his notebooks. Pantera, Metallica, that sort. I remember those were cool bands. But then there were like the gay version of heavy metal bands: glam and hair metal bands. Those were always like a parody. I remember thinking how ridiculous these guys looked AND sounded.

                              The thruth is, there was little innovation from these rock glam bands or whatever. It became a formula and it wore out. When Nirvana produced smells like teen spirit, THAT was a new thing. Exciting, fresh. It didn't follow an stablished patern, it wasn't cliche. Thats what music is supposed to be: creating and innovating all the time.
                                8 years, 5 months ago
                                I think this was a great read and I know this article was from awhile ago, but I have to disagree on some points. I do not think grunge killed the hair bands initially. No doubt bands like Nirvana did very well but let’s examine the facts. MTV got bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam and simply kicked all hair metal off. There was no competition. MTV forced the music on us. MTV only played grunge and rap and there was no real voice of people who listened to music so naturally the rest of the world got on board and listened to what they were told was current. Now today, MTV is not even a real music channel. They stabbed themselves in the foot. Grunge didn't last near as long. It was depressing and an emotional high and it showed in our kids that listened to it. Now MTV has no real music and has been trying to do the same by constantly playing what they call music, Rap. So now MTV sucks even more. They should just change their name to RRTV meaning Rap and Reality TV.
                                  8 years, 9 months ago
                                  The article was an interesting examination of both styles and how Grunge seemingly took over from Metal. I should note this happened in the height of broadcast mediums MTV and rock radio as they have also passed away in the Internet age.

                                  I had to laugh at the idea that elements of Grunge's base disdained their own bands once they became popular because they had "sold out". It sounds very much like the Hipster movement in NYC, which exhibits the same shallow characteristics. Funny enough, most bands in the Metal movement couldn't wait to "Sell Out" because it meant getting paid.

                                  I identified with Hair Metal because I grew up in with bands like Iron Maiden and Judas Priest blaring from my car stereo as I was going to school. Yes, it was fun for a long time, where as Grunge was fun for a week, and then I had work to do.
                                    10 years ago
                                    i couldn't agree more with everything you said in your superb article! i am a child of the 80's and was a teenager in the 90's so i was around for both the hair metal and grunge eras. even though i do like a few nirvana songs, hair metal has always been and will always be far superior! and @ radikal, AMEN! all these grunge fans want to try to argue when people talk about how far more talented the hair metal musicians were/are but it's not even debateable-it is a FACT! i also agree with the people that say that the 2 musical genres reflect what was going on in those decades (naturally)and anybody who's lived long enough knows that the 80's was really the last great era. the 90's f*cking sucked, plain and simple. everything comes around, that's just the way it is. a person on here already mentioned that the 70's and 80's styles, trends ect came back but has anyone ever wondered why not one thing from the 90's has come back around yet? we are in 2012 now and the very last year of the 90's was 13 years ago so certainly enough time has passed. the simple truth is that there is nothing that great or really worth bringing back from that decade. yes, the 80's was about decadence, partying and having fun and yes, the hair bands reflected that and any person that says that isn't appealing to them is a LIYING sack of sh*t or like someone previously mentioned, a little bandwagon jumper/follower that was told that that isn't cool and believes it because they don't have a mind of their own. anyways, that is the reason that the hair bands have endured and sell records to this day. because EVERYBODY-young and old, black and white, can relate to having a GOOD TIME!
                                      7 years, 11 months ago
                                      ARE YOU SERIOUS! I can't stand you people trying to defend hair metal! The 80's wasn't the last great era cause it wasn't a great era at all! No one from the 60's and 70's likes the 80's, no one from the 90's likes the 80's and No one from the 80s likes the 80's
                                        10 years, 7 months ago
                                        Here we are in 2011 and the fact remains... Who's still here? Bon Jovi just came in second in total income for musical act. That's NUMBER TWO in all of music. There's not a grunge act listed in the top 25. So the answer is right there. For those who want to add AC/DC, Def Leppard and other bands from the late 70's to the hair band list although they are technically not... deal with the fact that AC/DC made the top 25 and Def Leppard continues one of the top touring bands.
                                        Now here's an even bigger example of the separation between grunge and 80's "metal/hair metal". ANY band from the hair metal band days could play ANY song ever produced by a grunge band. However, it'd be rare for a grunge band to have the musical skills to play songs by the "hair" bands. To be in a "hair" band, you had to be very skilled. Most of them knew jazz, blues, country... and quite a few had been classically trained. Yes, the hair was a marketing issue. Underneath the hair was a very good musician. They teach grunge songs to beginners in music school... They teach hair metal songs to the advanced class.
                                        And that people... is the basic facts.
                                          7 years, 11 months ago
                                          Bon Jovi and Def Leppard SUCK! Get with it man. And great they are classically trained and they still play shitty music. Kurt Cobain taught himself and his band is better then all hair metal bands. So in reality underneath all that hair was just a shitty money whore who doesn't care about music
                                            6 years, 1 month ago
                                            No, they don't, you're talking up your ass. This is his opinion, so respect it.
                                              8 years, 2 months ago
                                              Pearl Jam is huge now. in fact I don't remember them ever stopped touring. The Foo Fighters are kicking ass. Any of those guys can play songs by "hair" bands. They have played with Led Zeppelin and Joan Jet, The Doors, and so on.
                                                10 years, 10 months ago
                                                people are addicted to fun. good times will always be loved. but hair metal went away from good times with the start of balads. which gave the outsiders a chance to grunge killed hair metal after it weakened itself
                                                  11 years, 4 months ago
                                                  I guess i can agree with your stuff bro but heres my piece. They both have their up's and down's, Hair Metal i've never really liked personally cuz it has such poser-ish style .. i mean .. huge hair, over done "look at me im crazy and spotanious" look, and this huge desire to be cool, its basic and so.. in the box music style with a bigger kick.. just proved to themselves when they were little might of grew up kina poor there for this desire to be seen and be larger than life look (which is good though cuz it provokes positivity to its listeners and a positive energy for all) (juss good'ol fashion metal is perfect anger, energy, saddness and emotion not desire) but hair metal had a huge ego yet positve look on life and a desire hungry lust for MORE. Which i think and you guys might think that in this time and age we so need it. But I think the WORD grunge created by literally a poser guy looking for a good word to categorize them killed the positive mood cuz ever since Nirvana hit it big with Kurts angry and sad (for a reason) expressions from his life experiences on their music and that seemed to have jumped into mainstream so suddenly caught alot of people off guard to see that, that negativity hit #1 on the charts, therefor people thought this is the new thing lets start being emo and depressed we'll prolly hit it big too. The thing is.. your not.. Grunge's feel is sludgy heavy, angry, rushed and over disstorted but they were expressing their feelings juss the way hair metal did as well, you wont see such creativity in lyrics and sound and tabs from other genres (admit it). I mean have you heard of soundgarden they fucking rock!!! the Melvins such true emotions.. they werent sad.. infact they got a heavy punk and upbeat feel if youve ever heard it. They have a REAL unique metal flavor to it that no other genre has. Seattle seems naturaly gloomy and sad they only get so many sunny days it just seems to be their fate to be gloomy and outcast' from the rest of the nation. So their writing and singing and playing wat that state had already engraved in them in a way, Grunge kicked ass they never pretended to be something else other than themselves (and thats the messege). Other WANNABE grunge bands make it look bad because they DONT have that sludgy growing up feel. You cant be something your not and if you try you WILL make it look bad and negative (juss be yourself kids). But because of Washington state thats why so many real seattle bands used drugs just to get rid of those sad feelings and outcast sense because they werent understood and couldn't fit in cuz the whole world (mostly) wanted to get rich but to them it WASN'T about getting rich and being better than others and looking larger than life its about getting out the unseen positive messege that wasnt allowed to be seen by the corporations and labels cuz they did and always will focus on making more MONEY. Money is the source of greed and hate and murder and evil. Seattle bands know this and juss wanted it to be about the music. They were the only ones to try to make different sounds and vocals and energy cuz the whole world only focused on making it big getting better stuff making more $$$.. THE WHOLE WORLD! and the corp. saw that as an opportunity to turn it into money and made it look sad and emo because NEVERMINDS album made it look "cool" and people juss want the next big thing. So because of all that crap grunge was misunderstood, used and later killed cuz people suck and all they want is to be "cool" their different look on life was misunderstood and their creativity was too much to be imitated and was sitting on a destined to snap thin wire that is mentality and it died cuz it was misunderstood morphed into something it wasnt and died of grief. Grunge died when it signed up to bigger labels, grunge.. let me rephrase that word .. ROCK! died when it was trying to show the its positiveness on music and was overshadowed ROCK died ....... when it stopped being itself.. i think i can safely say that from 1995 to present day we've had nothing but wannabe sad emo bands (Grunge) and gotta get rich and have more (Hair) bands that thought it was cool to be something your not.
                                                  And I doubt anybody hasnt noticed that we dont have any true bands or artists today. Rock hasnt been the same ever since "grunge" the lone rebell against the labels tried to fight against the corruption and got killed by people making the exact opposite of the point music tried to make.
                                                  True metal cant be imitated true rock has to come from the real you and your real feel, im reffering to your hair metal too bro it cant be imitated, people try and fail ... juss like "grunge" cant be imitated either.
                                                  I guess my whole arguement is dont judge because from the looks of our history has gotten us nothing but hatred and all thats bad in this world today and also be yourself. Hair didn't try to be something their werent they did wat they did best because their true feelings made them rock and thats why they ruled the 80's same for "grunge", punk, funk, ska, reggae, metal, jazz, blues and everything else.
                                                  I dont like much artists today their too fake you can juss feel it when someones being fake. And i should be one of those fake kids cuz .. fuck . i was born in 92, but i refuse to be like those posers (this got out of hand) XD
                                                    7 years, 11 months ago
                                                    I was born in 92 as well man and I know exactly how you feel about what this blasphemer just said!
                                                      11 years, 6 months ago
                                                      Hair bands were the most embarrassing thing that happened to rock. Their death was helped by the fact that they called themselves 'metal', when they actually were nothing more than 'pop-rock'... c'mon warrant?!?. I was in Jr High in the mid 1980's, and I was fortunate enough to be exposed to Ride the Lightning. I was given a mixed tape from one of my friends older brothers and it had Slayer, Venom, Anthrax, Celtic Frost and Metallica, among others. It completely blew me away and I was excited to know that Metallica was working on Master of Puppets. I pretty much threw away every cassette and album that I had including Motley Crue because none of them could touch this real 'metal' that I had discovered. As I moved into high school, my tastes expanded into classic rock, punk, industrial, and 'alternative' (see Nothing's Shocking). As my tastes blossomed, my distaste, even resentment of 'hair bands' grew. I am so glad that I don't see it now..... by the way, Beavis and Butthead were high school students, not college kiddies.
                                                        11 years, 8 months ago
                                                        grunge was way better.
                                                        here are all the good 80's bands megadeath gnr and thats about it .
                                                        nirvana soundgarden aic and stp are my faves of all time .
                                                        and stp are back.
                                                          12 years ago
                                                          This article could not be anymore like a discussion I had with a co worker the other day. I could not have said it this good though. The funny thing is that I am in my early 30's and spent most of my teeenage years growing up in grunge and my co worker is in her late 30's and spent her teenage years growing up in metal. However, I am the metal head and she is the flanel queen.

                                                          I still feel that grunge raped the best of my teenage years. In Junior high and early high school the cool thing was hair metal, then all of a sudden we were overnight shipped into grunge. I could not make the "fake plunge". It was ridiculous! I litteraly remember in like 91 or 92 buying the new Warrent Album Dog Eat Dog and getting made fun of for still listening to that after Nevermind came out. Sorry I was not about to start acting like a suicidal bitch that hated life just because it was the new trend. And all you grunge phony's , yes you were a trend! Athough all you freaks tried to say that you were being yourself and original. Please! Like this article states, Metal never tried to fool you. It was over the top and a parity of itself, but everthing was right out on the table. The worst kind of a follower is one who won't admit that they are one! Grunge is dead because all of your heros either killed themselves or are in a psych ward.

                                                          I don't remember the exact quote, but I remember Vince Neil saying something like the following: Most of our lives did suck at first, but music was a place to escape to and dream. Not complain!

                                                          If ther is one anology that goes woth grunge music, I would have to say it would be whiner music. My mommy doesn't love me enough boo hoo, someone give me some black fingernails and cry with with me.
                                                            12 years, 1 month ago
                                                            GLAM AND THRASH ARE THE ONLY GOOD KINDS OF MUSIC ALONG WITH HEAVY METAL
                                                              12 years, 11 months ago
                                                              Now i realised what happened in 1992 -- the whole world turned collectively stupid and discarded hair-metal for that no-talent piece of nonsense called grunge. I'd like to see one grunge guitarist play the solo to freight train by nitro. That's the benchmark!!! They'd piss in their pants and run to gloria steinem and cry in her lap!!! To hell with all the grunge and emo bullshit
                                                                13 years ago
                                                                You can say what you want about hair metal, but some of the best guitarist came from this genre of music.
                                                                  13 years, 2 months ago
                                                                  grindcore owns the fuck out of this shitty ass music.
                                                                    13 years, 5 months ago
                                                                    And years later, I'm still waiting to hear proof that hair metal is still alive.

                                                                    This article is a miserable failure.
                                                                      13 years, 5 months ago
                                                                      what is so great about dudes dressed like gilrs.that is why hair metal sucks
                                                                        13 years, 6 months ago
                                                                        Um, "Youth Gone Wild" wasn't exactly a song about enjoying your life. It was about being openly proud and defiant of one's unruly behaviour. I was a Skid Row fan as a teenager, and even then I didn't find anything positive or uplifting about this song. If anything, it has a very bleak, depressing outlook on life. Read the lyrics again, I'm surprised you could possibly interpret it the way you do.
                                                                          13 years, 7 months ago
                                                                          hair metal is the best and i definitely support it!
                                                                            13 years, 10 months ago
                                                                            The guys who played glam were serious musicians, you have to be to write Eruption. They were fast as shit and pretty great.

                                                                            The guys who played grunge were serious artists, sure any retard who's played guitar a couple of days can play Teen Spirit but try writing the lyrics.

                                                                            You didn't need to be produced (though many were), Mudhoney purpousley gave themselves horrible sound quality because it sounds cool, it's different tastes, get over it. Alot of them couldn't sing or play their instruments very well (again, alot of them could) but you didn't have to, they made sweet punk records and got their message out, it's all they ever needed to do.
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