RoboCop movie review

I look at the orignial 1987 sci-fi/ action flick
August 24, 2012
I recently saw "RoboCop" the movie earlier this year for the first time, and I LIKE IT!!! Something you may not know is there is to be a remake of this move to be released in 2013, and Samuel L. Jackson is supposed to be in it. However Samuel will not be RoboCop.

About the original 1987 classic; it was directed by Paul Verhoven; which eventually went on to direct"Starship Troopers." At first when Paul had got the script he didn't even bother to look at it. His wife had started reading it and told him he should do it, because she thought it was good. So then Paul looked into it and agreed to do the film. Said script was written by Edward Neumeir and Michael Miner. These writers aren't really known for anything else. Ed also went on to write "Starship Troopers" but, other than that there isn't much I know about him. This movie stars Peter Weller who plays Officer Murphy that gets brutally gunned down. His partner, Anne Lewis was played by Nancy Allen. When Murphy dies he is brought back to life as a cyborg known as RoboCop. The one that gunned him down is Clarence Boddicker played by Kurtwood Smith. [/b] Miguel Ferrer plays Bob Morton a Jr. Executive of OCP. OCP is the company that built RoboCop. This Executive started the RoboCop program and headed the making of the Cyborg. Also there is Ronny Cox that plays Dick Jones. Dick Jones is the vice president of OCP and heads and underground drug ring with Boddicker as his right hand man.

When the trailer came out the production company Orion used the music for "The Terminator" relying on the success of that movie also with cyborgs to help promote this movie. You can watch it here.

It's not the Terminator but this still looks awesome

The movie starts with an epic fail of a presentation of this new law enforcer droid the ED-209. The ED-209 brutally kills the volunteer acting as an armed criminal even after he dropped the gun. This was a disaster. Jones head of the project said it was just a glitch. No, glitches are small problems. A paper jam on a printer is a glitch; not a brutal death of an innocent person. After that Jones should have been fired, but he can't because there would be no movie. Bob Morton suggests that since the ED-209 was a disaster they should start on their backup plan which is the RoboCop program. Here is the scene where the "glitch" happens.

"Someone want to call a God damn Paramedic!"

Well in order for RoboCop to work a body is needed; enter Officer Murphy and his Partner Anne Lewis. Together they go after a drug lord Clarence Boddicker. Long story short, Murphy is mercilessly gunned down by Boddicker and actually dies. Bob Morton actually brings him back as the cyborg RoboCop. RoboCop's memories of his life as Murphy should have been deleted so he can live his new life fulfilling his primary objectives. #1. Serve the public trust. #2. Protect the innocent. #3. Uphold the law. The scientists give a few tests; take him to a shooting range, and just like that give him his own squad car to go off and fight crime.

Yeah he's good to go
Meanwhile back at OCP. Dick Jones confronts Morton. He is actually upset that everyone likes RoboCop and the ED-209 was a failure. Dick Jones actually says, " Who cares if it worked or not?" Who cares? Well everybody. If a dangerous robot doesn't work and it kills the innocent instead of the bad guys than that is a big problem.

RoboCop is protecting the city and stuff and then he runs into one of Boddicker's men, Emil. Emil recognizes him as Murphy as RoboCop says, "Dead or alive, you're coming with me." A line he said to him before as Murphy. Emil scared and confused says, "I know you! We killed you!"

You think you can outsmart RoboCop

RoboCop records this and later when he is in sleep mode he has dreams about his previous self being shot dead. The RoboCop programming was not to allow his memories of his past life come back. After searching a database he finds his old home. Memories of his old life and his family come back to him there. However his family relocated after Murphy's death so it's a shame he doesn't get to reunite with them. These scenes are the real heart of the film.

So after all that RoboCop realizing who he was goes after Boddicker for revenge. RoboCop almost kills him but, RoboCop doesn't kill Boddicker and arrests him instead. Before Boddicker is taken to the station he confesses he works for Dick Jones. RoboCop records this and can use it as evidence. So now that RoboCop knows this he goes to arrest Dick Jones at OCP. However a problem arises. This problem is directive 4. Directive 4 was added to RoboCop's programming by Dick. Directive 4 restricts RoboCop from attacking or arresting any board member of OCP. Remember when I said there would be no movie if Dick was fired? Well this is why. If Dick still is an OCP board member than he still has immunity from RoboCop.

So with RoboCop unable to bring Dick Jones to justice Dick unleashes the ED-209 on him. The ED-209 puts up a good fight until we find it has a fatal flaw. It can't go down stairs. I guess that doesn't matter right? After all Dick did say "Who cares if it worked or not?" You see Dick this why something should work. If it doesn't it just becomes a failure. Here is the scene of the ED-209 vs RoboCop.

Stairs, oh no!

Now then I gave away quite a bit and so I think I will leave out the rest so you the viewer can see it for yourself. I think there is still a lot of great scenes I didn't show you including Murphy's death and when RoboCop visits his former house he lived in as Murphy; bringing back former memories. I like this movie. It has good action scenes with a great story. It is dramatic when it needs to be and it is awesome during the action scenes. Peter Weller is great, both as officer Murphy and RoboCop. I love seeing Kurtwood Smith of "That 70's Show" actually kick some ass. The Dick Jones and Bob Morton characters are good too. The RoboCop armor may be clunky by today's standards, but back then it worked very well and the success of this movie made two sequels. I hope the remake can be just as good.
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