21 Jump Street
Debut: April 12, 1987
Ended: April 27, 1991

In this Fox show co-created by Patrick Hasburgh and Stephen J. Cannell, we follow the jump street gang. Basically, Tom Hanson (Johnny Depp), along with Doug Penall (Peter DeLuise), Harry Ioki (Dustin Nguyen) and Judy Hoffs (Holly Robinson) form this undercover police unit. The job of the Jump Street gang? Going undercover infilitrating high school crime. Under the command of Captain Fuller (or, in the first few episodes of the first season, Captain Jenko) the cops tackle many tough issues. In later episodes the team loses and gains cast members. But the premise remains the same-bust the kids before they become adult criminals. On a side note Holly Robinson sings the shows opening theme song.

Doug Penhall: "I'm not married, I'm in hell. -Doug Penhall"
Tom Hanson: "Sprinkles? Really? -Tom Hanson"
Doug Penhall: "They're going to have fireworks, free hot dogs. Even Sprinkles the clown! -Doug Penhall"
Doug Penhall: "poke poke you owe me a coke -Doug Penhall"
doug penhall: "I tried to kill myself when I was 8 years old. I drank a bottle of vanilla extract -doug penhall"
Off. Tom Hanson #2: "Off. Tom Hanson #2: Another Slamerino! -Off. Tom Hanson #2"
Off. Tom Hanson #2: "Without Jenko we're gonna be Charlie's Angels. -Off. Tom Hanson #2"
Officer Charlie Donagon: "I didn't recognize you without the bandage across your partner's nose. -Officer Charlie Donagon"
Tom Hanson: "I'm a good cop, but nobody coulda stopped that guy from killing her in 3.3 seconds. -Tom Hanson"
Officer Tom Hanson & Officer Doug Penhall: "The McQuaid Brothers!!!"
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