Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers
Debut: March 04, 1989
Ended: November 19, 1990

Disney's legendary brotherly duo Chip 'N' Dale Chipmunk, known for doing being guest stars on Donald Duck cartoons have suddenly become Detectives. Joining this team is inventor & mechanic Gadget Hackwrench. Fearless adventurer, pilot, & cheese lover Monterey Jack Mouse. And their lovable but one of a kind high flying bug Zipper H. Fly. Together they form The Rescue Rangers, they only goal is to solve the crimes, find the crooks, & capture them before the cops do.

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Chip: "Rescue Rangers, away! -Chip"
Cult Members (Singing): "Come along... you belong... feel the fizz of coocoo cola! -Cult Members (Singing)"
Gadget: "Golly! -Gadget"
Mole: "I wish for a basketball. -Mole"
Monterey Jack: "I know Canine Island like the back of my paw. -Monterey Jack"
Fat Cat: "Just because I'm not particular doesn't I'm not greedy. -Fat Cat"
Fat Cat: "It's caviar you shrimp! It IS fish eggs!! -Fat Cat"
Monterey Jack: "WALTZING MATILDA!! THAT SMARTS!! -Monterey Jack"
Fat Cat: "If you're going to make a wish, Mole, wish for some brains -Fat Cat"
Gadget: "Aw Montey -Gadget"
Gadget: "At times like this, I usually don't resort to shrill emotional outbursts. But in this case...YOU'VE GOT TO DO SOMETHING!!! -Gadget"
Professor Nimnul: "Now you wait just a minute! -Professor Nimnul"
Gadget: "If you believe in the ethereal theory that everything happens for a reason, then it wasn't your fault. Technically, however... you're a goof-up. -Gadget"
Gadget: "Hop inside, guys, and I'll show you how this thing works. Or at least how it's supposed to work. -Gadget"
Gadget: "I'll have this plane ship shape in no time. Well, actually it should be plane shaped, shouldn't it? -Gadget"
Gadget: "Hi there, I'm Gadget. Oh, you know that already... hmmm... What comes next? Oh, what's your name? -Gadget"
Gadget: "I don't think you can blame them. After all, we are rodents. -Gadget"
Monterey Jack: "Aww Gaget Love.. you sure this is safe? -Monterey Jack"
Monty: "whew...nearly had a Monterey FlapJack -Monty"
Monty: "whew...nearly had a Monterey FlapJack -Monty"
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