Inspector Gadget
Debut: September 05, 1983
Ended: December 13, 1985

Inspector Gadget is the most famous and successful inspectors in all of the country. He has, after a terrible accident, had much of his body replaced with all manner of incredible gadgets, such as extentable arms and a helicopter in his hat, which he uses to fight crime. Except that Gadget is completely and utterly inept at his job. It is his neice, Penny, and her hyper intelligent dog Brain that solve the riddles and catch the badguys, and lets Uncle Gadget take the credit. Another classic show, its sure to give anyone a laugh. The Best running gag ever is when the paper explodes into Chief Quimby's Face.

Inspector Gadget: "I'll never forget a face. I'm a master of disguises, you know."
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Inspector Gadget: "Until we meet again, Claw!"
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Dr. Claw: "One day Gadget, you'll pay for everything!!"
Chief Quimby: "That sounds like Dr. Claw!"
Inspector Gadget: "Well Chief, if he tries anything funny, he'd better watch out because Inspector Gadget is always on duty."
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Chief Quimby: "Great job, Gadget! I don't know how you did it."
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Penny: "I keep feeling someone's watching us. Someone or something."
Inspector Gadget: "Nonsense, Penny. You're imagination is playing tricks on you."
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Dr. Claw: "Curse you, Gadget!!"
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Inspector Gadget: "Go-Go Gadget, Brella!"
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Chief Quimby: "Here's your assignment, Gadget."
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Penny: "Calling Chief Quimby for Inspector Gadget!"
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Inspector Gadget: "Go-Go Gadget copter!"
Dr Claw: "I'll get you next time, Gadget. NEXT TIME! *swipes for his cat*"
Inspector Gadget: "I am always on duty."
End of the missions: "CAUTION: This Message Will Self-Destruct."
Inspector Gadget: "Wowsers!!"
Inspector Gadget: "(finger phone rings) That's the top-secret Gadget Phone!(holds hand up, phone-style, against ear and pulls out antennae from thumb) Is that you, Chief?...You're where?"
Inspector Gadget: "Never fear Penny, Inspector Gadget is ALWAYS on duty!"
Inspector Gadget: "Go-go gadget ANYTHING!(umbrella comes out)"
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