Bear Behaving Badly
Debut: September 03, 2007
Ended: December 21, 2010

a CBBC original programme. The programme is centred around the daily adventures of Barney Harwood, his pet bear Nev, his koala friend Crazy Keith and the caretaker of the trio's flat, Andy Prank. Nev and Barney originally appeared together on Sunday morning children's programme Smile, which ceased in 2007. The events of the programme take place at some point after Smile. The programme features the voices of Ross Mullan as Nev and Simon Buckley as Keith, with legendary actress Bella Emberg playing the role of Barney's Aunt Barbara. A series of twenty-six episodes was commissioned by the BBC in March 2007, after a trailer for the proposed series being uploaded to YouTube received over 1 million hits. Following successful ratings, a second series of twenty-six episodes followed in December 2008. Both series were originally broadcast on BBC One, before being repeated in an early morning slot on BBC Two. In August 2009, a third series of thirteen episodes was filmed. These episodes began airing from 7 December 2009, this time on the CBBC Channel, before later being repeated on BBC One.[3] In July 2010, a fourth series of thirteen episodes was filmed. These episodes began airing from 6 October 2010. The series concluded on 21 December 2010, and thus far, no further episodes have been filmed or broadcast, with the exception of repeats.The action of Bear Behaving Badly is centered on an apartment block owned by Barney's wealthy uncle Rupert Silverspoon. There are three flats on the ground floor. Barney and Nev live in Flat 1, Beatrice lives in Flat 2, and the caretaker, Mr Prank, lives in Flat 3. There are at least 5 more flats upstairs, one of which Aunt Barbara lives in. A door under the stairs leads down to the boiler room. Barney is a children's television presenter. He doesn't own a car and instead travels everywhere by tricy

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