The Snes Blues Brothers game doesn't make sense

Bob Saget, killer flies and Chippendales are the main ingredients in one of the worst Snes games ever.
February 15, 2005
The Blues Brothers is an excellent film and one my favourite movies of all time. It’s got great dialogue, spectacular car chases and awesome music. When the sequel Blues Brothers 2000 was released people thought it was the worst Blues Brothers-related product ever. They were wrong…

You see, the entertainment business has 2 golden rules:
-If a game is succesfull, make a movie out of it
-if a movie is succesfull, make a game out of it

In the beginning of the nineties, the Super Nintendo was a major player in the videogame wars and software developer Titus got the Blues Brothers license and from there it all went downhill.

The Blues Brothers could be a great race game, maybe even with a few dance levels between the racing, but since it’s the 90’s another videogame rule had been applied: Every licensed game MUST be a platform game.

Really, almost every game released in the nineties which was based on a TV-show or movie was a platform game. They even made a Home Improvement game where Tim Allen has to fight off dinosaurs with a stapeliser. Of course the Blues Brothers was a platform game too. A bad platform game. Some of you may remember the NES/PC version which was pretty bad. The Snes version makes that version look like friggin’ Kingdom Hearts.

Let’s look at the game shall we?

After the title screen we get the first shock:

Who are these people? Bob Saget and Danny Devito? They’re certainly not Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi. The gimmick of the Blues Brothers was that they were gangsters who were always acting cool. These people look like they just got a visit from Santa.
I chose Danny Devito. It doesn’t matter who you pick really, because both Bob and Danny act, control and behave exactly alike. I press the start button and appearantly Danny shrinks so he can fit in the juxebox (?!)

Holy Leno Batman! I thought I picked Danny Devito, but apparently I must have hit a special button combination because now I’m playing as Jay Leno with sideburns.

Anyway, time to get going. You may have noticed those records hanging in the sky. Those are apparently blues records. Problem is, you can collect 1 record, 2 records or 100,000 records, but they have no use except killing the few enemies you encounter. Fortunately, the Blues Brothers has lots of enemies in the movies so Titus wouldn’t have to design new enemies and so they could put more time in the production process. After all, the whole world was after Jake and Elwood in the movie. We have the police, the army, Illinois Nazis, everyone.
So what perils do we have to face in this game?



Bear claws

Really. Whoever wants to kill the Blues Brothers thought he had the most chance by sending an army of flies, lawnmowers, snails, and bear traps. Who’s behind this? Smokey the Bear?

Of course the duo can defend themselves. Remember the records I mentioned earlier? You defeat enemies by throwing records at them. Now this doesn't sound right. The Blues Brothers were genuine blues fans. They really don’t throw throw records to pieces. Not even against flies and beartraps. You don’t have to too, because you can avoid enemies with a simple press of the jump button. And as we all know the Blues Brothers could jump 4 times their length.

If you thought that was a strange deviation from the movie, wait 'till you see the only power up in this game:

A Cake. The Rock likes cake. I like cake, so the Blues Brothers must like cake too. Well they certainly do, because look what happens when they eat one:


Holy workout Batman! Jake turned into a Chippendale! Yes kids, apparently that’s what happens when you eat lots of cake; you turn into a muscular god. Of course, being a Titus game, this changes absolutely nothing gameplay-wise. And why are the BLUES Brothers shouting ROCK- ROCK- ROCK- ROCK&ROLL! ? This isn’t an Elvis game. The Super Nintendo was able to use clear voice samples but the best thing Titus could have thought of was a phrase which the Blues Brothers have never used in the entire movie?

Anyway the purpose of every level is to find the sacred golden juxebox which really isn't sacred, it's just yellow.

The game only gets more frustrating later on when it mixes easy-as-pie levels with almost impossible levels. After 2 hours I finally beat the game and what did I get?
The select screen with a red brick background.

Titus, I hate you...
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