Justice League
Debut: November 17, 2001
Ended: May 29, 2004

Superman (Clark Kent/Kal-El), Batman (Bruce Wayne) And Wonder Woman (Diana Prince/Princess Diana) Must Team-Up To Protect And Save Earth.

YouTube Videos
Wonder Woman: "''No, Mother Was Right, I Did Break The Law And I Humbly Accept Your Judgement''"
Wonder Woman: "''The Fates Were Against Us, Mother, Goodbye''"
Amazon Officer #1: "''Present Arms!''"
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Queen Hippolyta: "''May Hera Watch Over You, My Little Sun And Stars''"
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Queen Hippolyta: "''Diana, Princess Of Themyscira, Stand Fourth!, As Your Mother, I Am Overjoyed That You Have At Last Returned To Us, But As Your Mother, I Am Obliged To Uphold The Laws Of Themyscira And In Bringing These Amazons To Our Island, You Have Broken Our Most Sacred Law, This Can't Be Overdone''"
Wonder Woman: "''But, Mother...''"
Queen Hippolyta: "''Diana, I Have No Choice, It Is With A Heavy Heart That I Must Exit You From Themyscira''"
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Wonder Woman: ""Powerful Forces Are At Work Here''"
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Wonder Woman: "''Hera, Please Give Me Strength''"
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