Masked Rider
Debut: September 16, 1995
Ended: November 20, 1996

Masked Rider is the 90's update of the Japanese show Kamen Rider. The plot follows as such: Prince Dex of the Planet Edenoi travels to earth to stop his uncle from destroying the planet. Dex is adopted by a family in the town of Leewood. On earth, he creates a cave as well as two helper veihcles that have wildly different personallites. To activate his powers, Dex does a series of poses while shouting "Ecto-phase Activate! Masked Rider!"His enemy Count Dregon is actually his uncle.

Dex: "...and when a bug want's to ask another bug out on a date, he goes, GWA-GAGA-GWAH, GAGAGA, GA-GWAH!!!"
Dex: "Masked Rider, Super Gold!"
Dex: "Masked Rider, Super Blue!"
Count Dragon: "Masked Rider's powers... WILL... BE... MINE!"
Masked Rider: "This is now a fair fight parasite!"
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