Count Duckula
Debut: January 01, 1988
Ended: January 01, 1992

Count Duckula was another one of the early Nicktoons when Nickelodeon was still new, it was created by Cosgrove-Hall Productions the same animated company that brought us Bananaman and it is the official spinoff to another Cosgrove-Hall successful smash hit TV series Danger Mouse. The show revolves around a vegetarian type vampire duck (an unfortunate side effect of using Ketchup instead of blood during Count Duckula's pagan resurrection ceremony). The show's shtick includes the Count fainting at the sight of blood and speaking with a wacky Daffy Duck like speech impairment. Joining Count Duckula's crazy antics is the long suffering butler Igor Buzzard and his clumsy maid Nanny Goose. Speaking of voices Barry Clayton provides the voice as the Narrator and the Storyteller for this series.

YouTube Videos
Nanny: "Oh, Duckie-poo! -Nanny"
Dr. Von Gooswink: "Duckula, yoy monster! -Dr. Von Gooswink"
Duckula: "Nanny why can't you use the Door like everyone else!? -Duckula"
Duckula Nanny: "You know something, Nanny? This cereal tastes more like cardboard every morning.' 'Well that's probably 'cause it is cardboard. -Duckula Nanny"
Count Duckula: "Nanny I don't like this game anymore! I wanna go home and play with my teddy bear. -Count Duckula"
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