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By dg
April 26, 2006
Well I would like to talk about growing up during the 90s and watching the most kick ass cartoons in history.I absolutely loved my childhood, but I think now I'm older I feel very lucky I had the chance to watch cartoons from the 80s. They were still airing durings the 90s but were slowly fading away with new ones coming in.
I had so many favourite cartoons, some of which were on a lot, but others replacing them that wern't so good which was pretty disappointing. My favourites will not come as a surprise. Thundercats, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, He-Man, The Real Ghostbusters, Inspector Gadget, Bravestar, Dungeons and Dragons, Visionaries and the one and only Transformers.

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The 80s were obviously a time of action, and so was the 90s but it didn't have the same impact.
The 80s captured great action sequences, fantastic characters and memorable heroes, and of course the villains.
The writers and producers of the shows definitely managed to come up with great stories of where and when the characters come from and they always managed to show compelling viewing for us kids.
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The 90s cartoons carried on from the 80s and had some good cartoons of their own, but they never really gave the same expierence watching them to the older ones. Some were never on TV for too long. I'm not sure if any one else watched them as well, but they were underrated in my opinion. Lengend of Zelda, Conan the Barbarian, Captain Planet, The Pirates of Dark Waters, Robocop and Mighty Max.

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I think that the 90s was best for bringing the super heroes to another level, showing the excitement that they had in the comics onto the screen and getting bigger audiences like myself.They were all amazing cartoons that captured the greatness of the characters in full flow and Spiderman was my favorite.
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There were some truly classic cartoons that no one should mess with no matter how dated they are now. Trapdoor, Superted, Dennis, Bananaman, Dangermouse, Count Duckula, and not knowing till now that good old Sir David Jason did the voices of a couple of these cartoons not to mention the BFG.
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There were so many great Disney cartoons that are very cool to watch growing up, that a lot of people loved Tailspin, Chip and Dale, Ducktales and the legendary Gummy Bears. All of these cartoons seemed to be on alot when I a kid. Ducktales would top the lot though.
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My top ten cartoons

1.Thundercats ho!
2.Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
3.The Real Ghostbusters
5.Defenders of the Earth

The last few things to talk about are ther cartoons of today. I think that the fantasy is lost, it's more Jackie Chan cartoons and kids verion of manga, which is poor stick on Akira then they'll watch some good japenese animation. Some cartoons seem to have used the same graphics of Zelda Windwaker, its called cell shading but it's crap and looks really plain and lifeless. It's not detailed enough for my liking. I think the kids today should have the chance to watch some real cartoons that we did, not remakes because they didn't capture the proper feel to it. They seem too exaggerated if that makes any sense. For us it was amazing just wactching the intros, let alone the cartoons themselves, but to end it all if they carried cartoons through to the 90s. Why not do the same now so they can get a good proper education on how action should be done.
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