I, Claudius
Debut: January 01, 1976
Ended: January 01, 1976

This show is about the life of the Roman emperor Claudius. Born with a stutter and therefore percieved as a fool by his family, Claudius nevertheless manage to keep his wits to him while the rest of the imperial family plots against each other in their thirst for power.

Tiberius: "Are you drinking because he nearly died or because he didn't? -Tiberius"
Caligula: "I've cures his cough"
Caligula: "Now me, I love my sisters, uncle."
Claudius: "Yes, I know."
Caligula: "Perhaps you're right, but I shall kill you just the same."
Tiberius: "Do you know him personally?"
Caligula: "No, but I've slept with his wife a couple of times."
Claudius: "Poison is queen! Poison is queen!!"
Legionnaire: "The girl is a virgin, it'd be bad luck for the city!"
Macro: "Then make sure she's not a virgin when you kill her."
Caligula: "Bring them in, the boys at least, the girls can wait."
Augustus: "Is there anybody in this room who hasn't slept with my daughter?!"
Claudius: "Damn it, boy! Doesn't it bother you at all?!"
Caligula: "Oh, of course it does! I have to watch my step, very unpredictable these days."
Tiberius: "Every word you say, makes my task easier!"
Livia: "That child should have been exposed at birth."
Claudius (about Livia): "She waited for nine years, but she got her way in the end. Wicked woman."
Sejanus: "Macro, what have they done to my children?"
Macro: "They've gone before you, like so many others. (Macro stabs Sejanus with his sword)"
Livia: "This conversation is becoming ridiculous."
Augustus: "No, this conversation was ridiculous from the start."
Young Caligula: "Evil german woman! I'll burn your evil german house down!"
Tiberius: "Frankly, I wouldn't have thought you'd care whether he lived or died."
Livia: "Oh, I care very much whether he lives or dies."
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