Adventures in Wonderland
Debut: January 01, 1991
Ended: January 01, 1995

A live-action tv series that aired on the original Disney Channel. Alice is a young girl who can travel through her mirror to Wonderlad, where she befriends a variety of characters: The Red Queen, the roller-skating White Rabbit, two rapping brothers Tweedle Dee and Dum, The Mad Hatter, March Hare, Dormouse, Cheshire Cat, Caterpillar, and the occasional visitors, the Walrus and the Duchess. Usually, each episode consisted of Alice coming home from school and talking to her cat, Dinah, about a problem she's facing. She would go to Wonderland and find the residents with a similar crisis. By the end of the episode, the problem would be resolved and Alice would return home with a solution to her problem. Each episode had many fun songs and a lot of fun jokes that kept the show on the air for four seasons (100 epsiodes!)

Mad Hatter: "Not hare there, hair there! -Mad Hatter"
Red Queen White Rabit: "Maybe the Duchess is better than I am after all.' 'Your majesty, don't say that! A lot of people are better than you but certinly not the duchess. -Red Queen White Rabit"
alice: "I'm fat! -alice"
Cheshire Cat: "Bunny, you keep me in stitches -Cheshire Cat"
Alice: "Maybe you should hire someone for a few days while Mr. Rabbit is gone. -Alice"
The White Rabbit: "How do you keep an elephant from charging? Take away his credit card!"
The Caterpillar: "Imagine the humiliation: A caterpillar with butterflies in his stomach."
MAD HATTER: "For your information Alice, this is a stately, stone statue; a carefully crafted carving; a magnificent, monolithic, modern, masterpiece."
MARCH HARE: "Amazingly awesome alliteration!"
ALICE: "So, you're stuck with it, huh?"
MAD HATTER: "You got that right."
ALICE: "Hi, Mr. Hatter. What are you watching?"
MAD HATTER: "Just a little Hat TV."
ALICE: "There's one channel just about hats?"
MAD HATTER: "Yes, isn't it incredible? You'd think there'd be at least three or four!"
TWEEDLE DEE: "Now we'll do some lifting."
MAD HATTER: "No thanks, I've already done some lifting today."
TWEEDLE DUM: "No offense Hatter, but lifting the cookie jar doesn't count."
MARCH HARE: "What's your secret ingredient?"
MAD HATTER: "I have no idea, that's why it's a secret."
ALICE: "Now, I don't mean to sound critical, but how many things are you two gonna' goof up in ONE day?"
MAD HATTER: "Hmm... Is that a trick question?"
RED QUEEN: "Tell me Dum, how did you find your salad?"
TWEEDLE DUM: "I just looked down at my salad plate and there it was?"
Alice: "What's the bad news?"
The Mad Hatter: "Can't you see, Alice? In sure it's written all over my face?"
The March Hare: "No. It looks like you washed it off."
Hatter: "Oh. Well then, let me explain."
RED QUEEN: "You know, sometimes old things are better than new ones, flaws and all."
MAD HATTER: "Exactly. Why, we'd rather have our old Queen than a young one any day!"
Tweedle-Dum: "Well. I guess we were being really unfair."
The White Rabbit: "Uh. Can you ever forgive us, Mr. Walrus?"
Mr. Walrus: "Well, of course. Of course! No hard feelings! And I don't think you've ever heard this about walrus, but we never hold a grudge!"
The March Hare: "That's okay. Now that we're friends, we'll hold it for you."
MAD HATTER: "You took the words right out of my mouth."
MARCH HARE (looks in Hatter's mouth): "She sure did, I don't see them anywhere."
RED QUEEN: "Do you notice anything new about me?"
WHITE RABBIT: "Is it your hair?"
RED QUEEN: "No, it's not my hair!"
WHITE RABBIT: "It's not? You mean that's a wig? It looks so real!"
The Red Queen: "Now. The shoe is on the other foot!"
The March Hare: "I know. I got dressed in a hurry this morning."
RED QUEEN: "Dear me, you are in a pretty pickle aren't you?"
MAD HATTER: "Your majesty, this is no time to talk about cucumbers preserved in a solution of brine and vinegar, I've got big troubles here!"
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