House of Mouse
Debut: January 13, 2001
Ended: October 24, 2003
Debut: January 13, 2001
Ended: October 24, 2003

Mickey Mouse and his friends run a dinner theater called the House of Mouse in downtown Toontown. In each episode, Mickey and his friends struggle to run the club which is full of Disney Characters. Each episode centers around the struggle to run the club and interspersed with cartoons, some classic but most from the previous series "Mickey Mouse Works". Many animated Disney characters, some rare make cameos in the show's audience.

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Jafar: "[pointing at, as his parrot Iago glimpses] That street rat stole my bread."
Aladdin: "[with bread on the left hand, pointing back] Well someone stole my lamp."
Prince John, a Lion: "[points at Robin Hood, a fox] This outlaw stole my home."
Pedita: "[as the Mad Hatter watches in the backseat] Mickey, [Pongo growls at] she stole our puppies."
Cruella de Vil: "[points back at the married dalmatians; Timon and Pumbaa at the backseat] One movie and were labeled for life." "Episode: "House of Crime" (3.3)"
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Eeyore: "Before I begin I just want to be clear. I won't tell any Pooh jokes."
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