Toon Disney/Disney bye bye?

We all remember Toon Disney and Disney. It was great.
October 26, 2006
This horrid time now for Toon Disney is that it hasn't lasted for a long time. About 8 years ago, we remember (STILL!) this sweet charity.

But what used to be TD is now Jetix. The horrible Jetix was aired in 2004. It has 18 hours of runtime now.

When Toon Disney was aired, this was its very, very first logo.

Still the like new TD channel. It was a great logo. Known as the second logo for the channel.

A still good TD channel, but with a newer logo than the other one. It was a nice logo also. Used with Jetix.

Just like the next year after 2004, this logo was in. It was used not for very long due to Jetix's runtime for 18 hours.

15 years ago before Toon Disney was aired, the new channel, Disney was made, but it didn't run for 24/7.

In 1983, we loved Disney (That was 9 years before my birth!)

Which was known to be this logo.

This was the logo when I was born.

Still our good Disney. It didn't go too bad still.

Just 3 years later, this logo came in.

We now have this stupid logo.

Remember those TD logos, it's the last we probably will see of them for life unfortunatly.

We're starting to get those great shows on Disney back on now.

I've seen Timon and Pumbaa come on. Next probably will be House of Mouse.

What I need to say to Jetix and Disney:

Jetix: Get off of TD!
Disney: If Jetix overtakes Toon Disney, give back our good shows!
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