Debut: January 01, 1972
Ended: January 01, 1977

This program focused on the implementation and development of the new concept of the paramedic. The show begins with introducing our heros Roy Desoto and Johnny Gage assembling the first paramedic team and breaking new ground with unheard of new ideas, a mobile unit, equipped to stablize a patient and ready them for the ambulance to take the patient to the hospital. The program featured a real fire station in Los Angeles, and real fire apparatus. First Engine 60 which was an actual 1965 Crown Firecoach powered with a throaty rumbling 935cc Hall-Scott engine. Sadly replaced later with a 1975 Ward-LaFrance. Squad 51, the paramedic truck was a 1974 1/2 ton Dodge Rescue truck that is now living in the Smithsonian Institute. The Crown Firecoach is in the Los Angeles Fire Museum and fully functional and the Ward is at Yosemite National Park in service. Each episode featured daring rescues and simple cat-in-a-tree rescues, patients from electricution victims to drownings to kids stuck in bad spots.They even had to drive a vintage pumper to a call, it was a fully functional and did the job. When they weren't doing the paramedic job, they would show antics at the station, Chet's lovely cooking - which was often interrupted by a call.

John Gage: "Ten-four, we're transmitting EKG. We're sending you a strip. Vitals to follow. Pulse is 160, the victim is in extreme pain, Rampart. V-fib!"
Roy DeSoto: "Patient is in V-fib! Rampart, we have lost the victim's pulse, beginning CPR. We're defibrialing victim, Rampart. Rampart, we have defibrilated victim, he has sinus rhythm."
Dr. Kelly Brackett: "Squad 51, this is Rampart. Can you send us some EKG?"
Dr. Joe Early: "Administer two-amp sodium bicarb, insert an airway. Start an IV, 51. Lactate Ringer's."
Nurse Dixie McCall: "Squad 51, continue to monitor patient and transport immediately."
John Gage: "Shut up, Chet."
Captain Stanley: "You blinded me you twit!"
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