Miami Vice
Debut: January 01, 1984
Ended: January 01, 1989

The adventures of James "Sonny" Crockett, a veteran undercover detective in the Miami Police Department. Crockett lives the life of his undercover identity, smuggler Sonny Burnett, and lives on a department owned sail boat in the Miami marina with his pet aligator "Elvis", dresses in designer clothes, drives a Ferrari sports car, and often gets around in a 12 metre Scarab speed boat. Ricardo Tubbs, a young, tough street cop from the Bronx moves to Miami to avenge his brothers murder. Tubbs ends up parters with Crockett as a member of the Vice Division's, Organised Crime Bereau, where they and their investigative team under direction of moody Lt. Martin Castillo, infiltrate Miami's crime syndicates involving narcotics, gambling, money laundering, extortion and more, in order to arrest those criminals involved at the highest levels. Its all about money, glitz and glamour, set against a killer music soundtrack of contempory 80's rock and pop performers.

Izzy Moreno: "The telephone IS my instrument, I was born to play it.. -Izzy Moreno"
Crockett: "It was a street shooting, Rico, your straight, garden variety street shooting. -Crockett"
Castillo: "The streets will be moving hard and quick. -Castillo"
Tubbs: "That's T-U-B-B-S :Tuff, Unique, Bad, Bold and Sassy -Tubbs"
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