Captain Planet and the Planeteers
Debut: January 01, 1990
Ended: January 01, 1996

Gaia the Spirit of the Earth summons five teenagers from all ends of the earth to help in the crusade to protect our planet. Kwame, from Africa held the power of earth, Wheeler from US held the power of fire, Linka from Eastern Europe held the power of Wind, Gi from Asia held the power of water, and from South America Ma-Ti held the power of heart. When the five powers combinded they summoned earth's greatest champion, Captain Planet. Call it a mix of action and ecology, but the in the end, it was a major success. DIC production produced the first 3 seasons, then it was later turned over to Hanna Barbera.

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Greedly: "No one gets in the way of Hoggish Greedly. I will be back, Captain Planet!"
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Gi: "A peacemaker must have great courage!"
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Gaia: "Planeteers, you better put together a peace-keeping force."
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Todd: "Who CARES how I got it? It STINKS! Ugh!"
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Kwame: "Let our powers combine!"
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Dr. Blight: "Those blasted Planeteers will pay for this!"
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Kwame: "Outstanding!"
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Looten Plunder: "You'll PAY for this CAPTAIN PLANET!"
Captain Planet: "You made your planet a wasteland, Zarm. Now go live there!"
Duke Nukem: "Forget the prop. Reality television is what sells."
Verminous Skumm: "You're out of sight in my sights"
Dr. Blight: "I really Enjoy being a villain! Hahahahahahahahaha!"
Dr. Blight: "What's a little croaking to save face? Mine, of course."
Captain Planet: "The Power is YOURS!"
Captain Planet: "Hopalong Planet will not take this lying down."
Duke Nukem: "Let our polluting powers combine! Super Radiation!"
Looten Plunder: "Deforestation!"
Sly Sludge: "Smog!"
Verminous Skumm: "Toxics!"
Dr. Blight: "Hate!"
Captain Pollution: "By your polluting powers combined, I am Captain Pollution!"
Eco-Villains: "GO POLLUTION!"
Captain Planet: "What's a nice guy like me doing in a dive like this?"
Wheeler: "These guys are really rude with crude."
Wheeler: "It's OK to cry. They say withdrawal is the worst kind of pain."
Wheeler: "Dr. Demented really did it this time!"
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