The Good Night Show
Debut: January 01, 2004

The Good Night Show is a program block on PBS Kids Sprout. It debuted on September of 2004 and was hosted by Melanie Martinez with her friends, Star the puppet shaped star, Hush the Goldfish, and Lucy the firefly. On July of 2006, PBS fires Melanie from hosting The Good Night Show, Due to an NC-17 rated movie she did back in 1999 called "Technical Virgin." It went on hiatus for 5 months until Michele Lepe was hired in December 2006 as the new host, "Nina."

Nina: "Hey, Hoary, We had another fantastic day. But now it's to say Good"
Star: "Bananas?"
Kids: "NO!"
Nina: "Good"
Star: "Noodles?"
Kids: "NO!"
Nina: "Good night!"
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