Debut: January 01, 1998
Ended: January 01, 1999
Debut: January 01, 1998
Ended: January 01, 1999

Animorphs was originally based on the book series created by K.A. Applegate. Most of the episodes that have appeared are based on one of the books, but some are totally created by one of the Television crew. In this battle against parasitic aliens, called Yeerks, five children, Jake played by Shawn Ashmore, Rachel played by Brooke Nevin, Marco played by Boris Cabrera, Cassie played by Nadia Nascimento, and Tobias who is played by Christopher Ralph; was given the power to morph into any creature by an Andalite named Elfangor-Sirinial-Shamtul (Diego Matamoros) to fight Visser Three (Eugene Lipinski) and his fellow Yeerks. An Andalite who is named Aximili-Esgarrouth-Isthill (Paulo Costanzo), the brother of Elfangor joins the battle along the Animorphs. Nickelodeon found this show to be too creepy for kids and cancelled it. Actually, lets not give them that much credit. Nickelodeon couldn't handle the complaints from millions of hardcore followers of the book series. Animorphs fans turned out to be far more vicious than a crowd of Red Sox fans after telling them their team sucks, so Nickelodeon cancled the show in lieu of the thousands of casulties that could have ensued from the riots. There is nothing wrong with this show. It shows bravery and skills, and if kids are too scared to watch it, why don't they just flicker the channel to Cartoon Network? Kids do enjoy this. Nickelodeon is just not the type of TV show to realize.

greg: "animorph are the best -greg"
Ax: "Phillip Lup Phill-up pup -Ax"
Marco: "[They are all sitting at the lunch table] "So, we save the world?" [looks around] "Can we eat first?" -Marco"
Ax: "<Well, I have Hooves don't I ?> -Ax"
Jake: "[To Marco while he's driving] "Do you hate trashcans? Is that your problem, do you just hate trashcans?" -Jake"
Marco: "[To Tobias] "Oh great, the talking bird says looking for an alien in the woods is weird." -Marco"
Cassie and Marco: "Cassie--"Remember, Jake, when you acquire its DNA the tiger will go into a trance." Marco--"What about the moment before the trance when it rips his arm off?" -Cassie and Marco"
Marco and Ax: "Ax--"These potato chips are exquisite. They are now on my top ten food list." Marco--"Yeah, just what we need, Ax. An alien with clogged arteries." -Marco and Ax"
Marco and Ax: "Marco--"Ax, this probably isn't a good time to ask, but you can throw, right?" Ax--"Yes." Marco--"Good." Ax--*thinking* "Marco, what is 'throw'?" -Marco and Ax"
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