WCW Monday Nitro
Debut: September 04, 1995
Ended: March 26, 2001
Debut: September 04, 1995
Ended: March 26, 2001

WCW, owned by Ted Turner was in it's day the superior brand of wrestling. WCW Monday Nitro won the ratings war for 2 straight years between 1996 and 1998. Nitro debuted in the Mall Of America in 1995 and was well on it's way to the top. In 1996 collosal superstar Hulk Hogan turned heel and formed the NWO and WWF was sucking dust shortly therafter. WCW further secured the higher ground by producing a new superstar in 1997 by the name of Bill Goldberg. The creative genius behind WCW was Eric Bischoff. But by 1999, Bischoff was burnt out. He needed a vacation. In his stead Turner hired Vince Russo, and WCW would soon weaken. In 2001, Time Warner merged with America Online. Unfortunately, the merged company sold WCW due to financial difficulties. The buyer was the WWF, who closed WCW with the ill-fated "Invasion" storyline.

Goldberg: "Whos Next!? -Goldberg"
Ric Flair: "Whoooooooo! -Ric Flair"
Raven: "Quote the Raven Never More -Raven"
Diamond Dallas Page: "Bada Bing, Bada Boom, Bada Bang -Diamond Dallas Page"
Bobby: "A BONUS? -Bobby"
Hulk Hogan: "Whacha gonna do when these 24 and a half inch pythons run wild on you?....Brother -Hulk Hogan"
Rick Steiner: "You Want Some, Come Get Some, You Don't Like Me, Bite Me -Rick Steiner"
Kevin Nash: "Wolfpac in tha Hooouuuussseee -Kevin Nash"
Scott Steiner: "Big Poppa Pump, is Ya Hook Up, Holla if ya Hear Me!!!! -Scott Steiner"
Scott Hall: "Hey Yo -Scott Hall"
Tony Schiavone: "He Keeps using that move over and over and over an....wake up brain, he's using that move again. -Tony Schiavone"
Bobby Heenan: "A bonus? -Bobby Heenan"
Bobby Heenan: "I never said Bonus -Bobby Heenan"
Perry Saturn: "Whaddaya Lookin' At? -Perry Saturn"
Kevin Nash: "The n.W.o. Wolfpack is Just... Too... SWEEET!!! -Kevin Nash"
The NWO: "When you're with the NWO, you're with the NWO 4-Life! -The NWO"
Sting: "(sting comes down from the rafters and chokes the wrestler Vampiro against the turnbuckle with a baseball bat) Sting: THIS IS MY TURF BOYEEEEEE -Sting"
Sting: "It's Sh-sh-sh-sh-showtime Folks!!!!!!!!! -Sting"
3 count: "WE love Backstreet Boys, 'nsync, too. Britney Spears is kinda Cute. We love TRL on MTV. Everybody, 3-Count 1-2-3 1-2-threeeeeee -3 count"
Ric Flair: "To be the man, you got to beat the man. -Ric Flair"
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