Beakman's World
Debut: December 15, 1992
Ended: December 15, 1994
Debut: December 15, 1992
Ended: December 15, 1994

Beakman's World was a science show, and at first glance it seems like something from Batman or something, with strange colorful sets, sound effects and very visual experiments. But it is not strictly a kids show, instead it is a very fast paced information experience! Here is a short example of a show: Beakman 'explodes' on your screen after a short joke with the penguins after a FACT or two, Josie/Liza asks Beakman the first major topic of the show. He then goes on the explain it, in about 8 minutes or so. After the first commercial break, there is the 'dance' bit. (you mash 'em, I'll smash 'em, Let's Fandango!) and Beakman answers a bunch of short questions (what is longest living animal, etc., etc.), then a few more FACTS. Now it is on to the BEAKMAN CHALLENGE! Where Lester (the layman) disbelieves that Beakman can do the challenge (punching a straw through a potato), and then onto the last long explanation. Cue Penguins, and "Don, turn off the tv." (The penguins turn off their TV ending the show) For the first season (1992-1993) the show was in syndication rather than on CBS, in addition to its TLC run. CBS picked up BW for the 1993-1994 season, running a mix of new and old episodes. The episodes were produced by Universal/Belo Productions and are distributed by Columbia Pictures Television. A spaceship flew around the Columbia torch lady logo at the end of the show. Beakman(Paul Zaloom): Mr Wizard on speed. Very energetic, Kind of like a mad scientist with anti-gravity hair. He explains complex things (like elevators or snot) in simple kid like terms, with enough humor for any parent watching to laugh out loud to compete with their child. "Man, I love Science!" Josie(Alanna Ubach)/ Liza(Eliza Schneider) : Female sidekick, smart, always asking questions and it seems that every one loves her, she is supposed to be the inquisitive child and very bright. Lester(Mark Ritts): A man in a rat suit, stupid and funny. When the show was originally made Lester was supposed to be a puppet, but instead he became a person, because it was too hard to animate. FACT: he is the son of the puppeteers Paul And Mary Ritts. Beakman's World has large adult appeal, mostly because it is focused towards kids, AND adults! Lots of sound effects, camera tricks and great experiments. Zaloom!

Beakman: "Dear Beakman, Who invented ketchup?"
Lester: "My answer? A genius! (drinks ketchup from the bottle)"
Beakman and Lester: "Beakman: Oh, my! Do you know what that music means? Lester: Ooh, we're stuck in an elevator? -Beakman and Lester"
Don & Herb: "Don: Hey, herb, did you hear what Beakman said about our snow? Herb: Yeah, he said it melts in our mouth not on our land! -Don & Herb"
Josie: "(after a mail bag drops from ceiling) MAIL CALL!"
Lester: "Must be air mail."
Beakman: "Beakman: Bada bing, bada bang, bada blast off -Beakman"
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