David the Gnome
Debut: October 26, 1985
Ended: February 08, 1988

The World of David the Gnome was based on the world famous children's books The Gnomes and The Secret of the Gnomes by Dutch authors Rien Poortvliet and Wil Huygen. David the Gnome, and his wife Lisa, were peace loving Gnomes who lived in a tree. They probably reminded more than a few children of their grandparents. David would travel around on the back of his trusty fox, Swift, who he would summon by whistling to help sick animals and gnomes and other mythical creatures with his medical experties. Short series that lasted 26 episodes and the episodes were aired saturday mornings on some channel, Than Nickelodeon re-ran it in syndication as a part of their famous Nick Jr block from 1988 up until fall 1996, Than from 1996-1998 it was broadcasted on The Learning Channel and as of 1999 this show no longer airs anywhere in the world.

Lisa: "So, Holler, how is your mother doing? Is she still as strong as ever?"
Holler the Troll: "She's fine, I guess. What's it to you?"
Lisa: "Just curious. Has she given you any spankings, lately?"
Holler the Troll: "HEY! THAT'S NONE OF YOUR BEES' WAX!"
David to Swift: "Don't cry, my friend, don't cry. After we've gone you'll find some new friends, I'm sure of it."
David: "Schlitweitz! (Good Night)"
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