Blazing Teens
Debut: May 01, 2006
Debut: May 01, 2006

Blazing Teens is a Chinese television series created by Alpha Group Co., Ltd. and Auldey Toys in 2006. It is the television adaptation of Auldey's yo-yo line of the same name. The show focuses on high schools that hold yo-yo contests. The schools organize teams and participate in competitions to win against other schools. Each team has their own issues that they solve, and each yo-yo has a name that reflects the toy's design. The show makes use of minor special effects in order to portray the "magic" and the speed of the yo-yo. These magic spells are 'battling' and the person whose magic remains, wins. Some of the yo-yo tricks are common, like the Forward Pass, Loop-the-Loop, Three-Leaf-Clover, Trapeze, Double or Nothing, Gravity Pull, etc. The show also has some tricks of its own created by the producers (most of the tricks are for professionals) like the White Buddha, Buddha's Revenge and the Cold Fusion (hardest trick of Season One).

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