In Living Color
Debut: April 15, 1990
Ended: May 19, 1994
Debut: April 15, 1990
Ended: May 19, 1994

In living color, the brainchild of Keenan Ivory Wayans, was a weekly comedy variety show that put a new hip urban edge on American comedy. Once being called a “black SNL”, the show grew in fame with satires of popular movies, music and commercials as well as happily exploiting various ethnic stereotypes and repeating sketches like Homey the clown, men on film and Fire Marshall Bill. The show featured the multi-talented Wayans brothers Keenan, Damon, Marlon, Shawn and sister Kim. The show also included many other talented black comedians such as Jamie Foxx, David Allen Grier, along with the shows “token white guy”, Jim Carrey. In Living Color also played host to an array of rap and r&b talent with backup dancing provided by the Fly Girls.

Blaine Edwards and Antoine Merriweather: "Antoine: The next film we're reviewing is "Pretty Woman". Both: HATED IT! Blaine: This one should have been called "A Fish Called Julia"."
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Fire Marshal Bill: "Don't worry folks! I'm a fire marshal!"
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Fire Marshal Bill: "Let me show ya something!"
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One of the Fly Girls: "Ladies and gentlemen, Keenen Ivory Wayans!"
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Homey D Clown: "Now what did we learn if nothing else children?"
School Children: "That Homey don't play that!"
Homey D Clown: "Very good. Now let's play hooky and get the hell out of here!"
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Wiz and Ice man: "Another satisfied customer!"
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Wiz and Ice man: "Mo' money, mo' money, mo' money, mo' money!"
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Wiz: "Yo yo yo, welcome to the homeboy shopping network! I'm wiz, this the ice man!"
Ice man: "Chillin!"
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Jim Carrey: "There's a dead witch under the house and everything's in technicolor! -Jim Carrey"
Firemarshall Bill (Jim Carrey): "Now let me tell ya something! -Firemarshall Bill (Jim Carrey)"
Homey the clown: "I don't think so! Homey don't play that. -Homey the clown"
Drunk In Restaurant: "My left titty-nipple gots an eye on it! -Drunk In Restaurant"
Handi-Man: "Never under-estimate the powers of the handicapped -Handi-Man"
Wanda Jackson: "Wanda Jackson: I got chu. I got chu. -Wanda Jackson"
Gossip Lady: "I aint one to goosip, so you aint here that from me -Gossip Lady"
Jim Carrey (impersonating Vanilla Ice): "I told the world I was stabbed in the butt. But it was a toilet paper cut. YEOW! -Jim Carrey (impersonating Vanilla Ice)"
Jim Carrey: "That's uh Woodpecker, Mr. Cheese."
Homie the Clown: "That's uh Clown, Mr. Peckerwood."
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