You Can't Do That On Television
Debut: February 03, 1979
Ended: May 25, 1990
Debut: February 03, 1979
Ended: May 25, 1990

A Canadian children's show, best known for being the first hit show on Nickelodeon. It brought Nick's trademark, green slime, among other things to the network. Many young Canadians appeared on the show during the course of its run, the most famous being Alanis Morrisette, whom appeared on the show for one season, then left to pursue her singing career.

Barth: "Who do you think's in the burger? -Barth"
Barth: "Dddyyyaaaaiiiii heard that -Barth"
Alasdair: "Sometimes, it's so easy, I'm ashamed of myself. -Alasdair"
Valerie Pervert: "Vanessa, don't feed the cat under the table. Feed him on top of the table, instead! -Valerie Pervert"
Annoucer: "The A-Team makes one cup of coffee last five hours will not be seen at this time so that we may bring you a show for people with lots of time on their hands and nothing better to do. -Annoucer"
Annoucer: "Mr Rodgers Vandalizes the neighborhood will not be seen at this time so that we may bring you this show which we managed to steal. -Annoucer"
Executioner: "That is one sneaky kid. -Executioner"
vanessa: "I don't know -vanessa"
Alasdair: "Blue Skies, Barthy Burgers, Girls... -Alasdair"
Moose: "Just another introduction the opposite sketches -Moose"
The Prisoner: "Freedom! Blue Skies! Barthie Burges! Girls!!! -The Prisoner"
Christine McGlade: "And now it's time for some Opposite Sketches! -Christine McGlade"
Christine (after opposite sketches): "Back to reality! -Christine (after opposite sketches)"
Mr. Shidler: "Where does the school board find them and why do they keep sending them to me? -Mr. Shidler"
Valarie Lance: "Valarie: He has a point. Lance: Don't encourage him! -Valarie Lance"
Kevin K.: "I'll be glad when we finally get the dishwasher fixed. -Kevin K."
Ross Ewich: "Roll the credits! -Ross Ewich"
Announcer: "You Can't Do That on Television is a Killing Time production. [kills clock with the hammer] -Announcer"
Executioner: "RRREady Aim..... -Executioner"
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