Pop Team Epic
Debut: January 01, 2018
Ended: January 01, 2018
Debut: January 01, 2018
Ended: January 01, 2018

An anime television series adaptation animated by Kamikaze Douga and produced by King Records aired between January and March 2018. (Beauty sisters got dank)The manga chronicles the misadventures of two 14-year-old girls named Popuko and Pipimi, who encounter a variety of both mundane and bizarre situations and respond to them in equally bizarre and exaggerated ways. The manga is noted for its frequent parodies of punch culture and its combination of surrealism, absurdity, and non-sequitur, all of which have contributed to it developing a cult following among both Japanese and Western audiences.The Nendoroid figures of Popuko and Pipimi, dressed as Batman Ninja's Batman and Joker respectively, were displayed at the Warner Bros. booth at AnimeJapan 2018. It was suggested by Junpei Mizusaki at Kamikaze Douga; the studio animated both Pop Team Epic television series and Batman Ninja film. The crossover figures were accompanied by a 15-second television commercial, where Popuko and Pipimi (in the aforementioned costumes) re-enact a sketch from Pop Team Epic comics before it jumps to a Batman Ninja scene.[28][29] On April 26, 2018, Japan Racing Association's Umabi.jp website launched the Pop Team Epic Kinen (ポプテピ記念 Poputepi Kinen) campaign, where users can create a customised avatar of either Popuko or Pipimi as a virtual spectator. It also hinted a surprise to be revealed when a number of avatars reaches one million.[30] As the number reached one million in late May 2018,[31] the JRA released a branded webisode on 14 June 2018.[32] Produced by Space Neko Company (which animated Pop Team Story segments and some of short sketches in the TV series), Mikako Komatsu and Ryusei Nakao reprised their role as Popuko in the first and second halves respectively, and so did Sumire Uesaka and Norio Wakamoto as Pipimi.[32] The JRA also held promotional events at Tokyo Racecourse.[30][32]

Sosogu Hoshifuri: ""Episode 1: You're the only one I'm telling!" [then Popuko ripped in half behind]"
Popuko: "[first lines] I DON'T THINK SO!"
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Mother Taira: "[first lines in the first episode] Daichi, we're heading out now. Come say bye!"
Daichi Taira: "Yeah, yeah. [voiceover] My name's Daichi Taira. I'm just you're average high school dude. My parents are leaving for their vacation today and I'm gonna have the whole house to myself!"
Mother Taira: "Oh by the way, Daichi. Try not to give Sosogu too much grief while we're gone, okay? We'll see you 'til we get back!"
Daichi Taira: "[after his parents left] Sosogu? Who's that?"
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