The Accused
Release: October 14, 1988
Release: October 14, 1988

Sarah Tobias (Jodie Foster) was raped in a bar, but her attackers went free. Outraged by this turn of events, Sarah goes to Deputy District Attorney Kathryn Murphy (Kelly McGillis) for assistance. Sarah decides to go after the men who stood by and cheered the rape on. One of the most controversial movies of the 80s, Jodie Foster won her first Academy Award for the role of Sarah Tobias.

Sarah: "What the hell are you talking about? You saw me at the hospital. What, you think I asked for that? Is that what you think? If that's what you think then you get the fuck out of my house!"
Sarah: "What are our chances?"
Kathryn: "50-50 at the most. Good night."
Sarah: "Good night."
Scorpion: "Raped? She fucked a bar full of guys then she turns 'round and blames them for it? Listen lady, she loved it, she had an audience, she did the show of her life!"
Scorpion: "You bet your ass I watched. She put on a great show."
Kathryn: "I thought she was raped?"
Scorpion: "(Regarding Sarah) No, I don't know her. She's a whore. The last time I saw her she was doing a sex show."
Kathryn: "You watched?"
Scorpion: "(To Sarah in a strip mall parking lot) Hey, wanna play pinball?"
The Bar Patrons' Chant: "1-2-3-4, poke that pussy 'til it's sore!"
Sarah: "(Yelling at Kathryn) You don't understand how I feel! I'm standing there with my pants down and my crotch hung out for the world to see and three guys are sticking it to me, a bunch of other guys are yelling and clapping and you're standing there telling me that that's the best you can do. Well, if that's the best you could do, then your best sucks! Now, I don't know what you got for selling me out, but I sure as shit hope it was worth it!"
Sarah Tobias: "I heard somebody screaming...and it was me."
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