The Watcher in the Woods
Release: April 17, 1980
Release: April 17, 1980

When an American composer and his family rent a foreboding house in England from an eccentric recluse, Mrs. Aylwood (Bette Davis), a series of terrifying events occur, primarily to 17-year-old Jan. It turns out the eerie experiences are connected to Mrs. Aylwood's teenage daughter's disappearance unexpectedly reveals the secret of the unknown force.

Mrs. Aylwood: "Sometimes there seems to be something out there. Sometimes... I hear someone, whispering in the wind. -Mrs. Aylwood"
Ellie: "I told you there was a ghost! -Ellie"
Helen: "I knew Mrs. Aylwood was strange, but this is ridiculous! -Helen"
Helen: "We'll always be grateful to Mrs. Aylwood for saving you, but I won't have her filling your head with these far-fetched fantasies. -Helen"
Paul: "Yeah, this is what she needs. It'll do her good. Knight on shining motorcycle. -Paul"
Mrs. Aylwood: "They searched the ruins, but there was no sign of Karen. No sign at all. -Mrs. Aylwood"
Jan: "The night she disappeared... was she blindfolded? -Jan"
Jan: "You asked me once if I sensed things. Well, I have. And Ellie's been hearing things. -Jan"
Mrs. Aylwood: "That was my daughter's name. Karen. -Mrs. Aylwood"
Ellie: "She had to push you down to get you loose from the branch. She saved your life... I thought she was trying to drowned you. -Ellie"
Mrs. Aylwood: "What kind of name is that -- Nerak? -Mrs. Aylwood"
The Watcher: "Continue. Continue. My power comes from you, the three linked as before. -The Watcher"
John Keller: "It's our code not to show fear. -John Keller"
The Watcher: "Magnetic pull of eclipse transferred our positions. Now exchange places again. -The Watcher"
John Keller: "Once we link hands, you must not show fear. You must not speak. You must not remove the blindfold and you must not move at all. -John Keller"
Ellie: "Dad says you can't look straight at the sun or it'll ruin your eyes. -Ellie"
Ellie: "There are lots of moon eclipses, but a sun eclipse is special! -Ellie"
Mrs. Aylwood: "Whatever happened to my Karen could happen to you! -Mrs. Aylwood"
Mrs. Aylwood: "Whatever spoke to us through Ellie was an angry, evil spirit, not my gentle Karen. -Mrs. Aylwood"
Mrs. Aylwood: "If you go to the chapel, you'll be in great danger. You'll be dealing with the unknown! -Mrs. Aylwood"
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